Ok, Ladies. Now tell me who of you ever dreamed of supple body, slim legs, springy funny and lofty breast – in other words perfect feet? I bet practically each of you. But, if nature meant some model characteristics it is time just to take it like all the world famous fashion models do!

Here are models practical nutrition advices that save fashion icons every time they needed to loose weight in a short term before VICatwalk.


Linda Evangelista Diet Philosophy keeps fashion model 5 foot 9 inch thin and at  the same time healthy. Linda isn’t’ afraid of eating a diet full of greens and what some would call “health food”. She also doesn’tsnack-cereal_75 shy away from a good workout. Linda bolsters her diet with crops that regularly and absolutely naturally help to clean digestive tract. To stay slim and healthy Linda workes with personal trainer Daivid Kirsch 5 times a week.


snack-celery-cottage_300 Naomi Campbell Body Philosophy keeps this model in great shape. Naomi’s body seems to almost improve with time. She takes her diet and exercise routine seriously. Naomi Campbell eats Low Carbohydrate, uses Portion Control and avoids alcohol. Works out for 2 hours a day following track and field athletics exercise principles.

cindy-crawfordCindy Crawford Diet Secrets attribute to eating often – five times a day and no starving at all. Cindy’s secrets to maintaining her gorgeous figure:

– drink lots of water
– find a form of exercise you enjoy
– don’t smoke.

Cindy is a fan of the Zone Diet. This eating plan controls portions and recommends meals are carefully balanced, containing 40 % carbohydrate, 30 % protein and 30 % fat. The queen of the fitness video, Cindy does a daily workout involving 20 minutes cardiovascular work, walking or running on an incline, then 40 minutes of free weights. Cindy is also a yoga fan and has her own gym in her LA mansion.

tyra-banks-1Tyra Banks’ Diet and Workout is in her credo – loving yourself, and your body, doesn’t mean you should eat whatever you crave all the time. She wants everyone to eat heathy food. She eats plenty of fresh fruits (her favorites: mangos and papayas) and salads with chicken, shrimp, or other protein, and she snacks on crudity with onion dip.

Devon_Aoki-3 snack-endive-ricotta_300Devon Aoki is rise and vegetarian low-salt diet fan. “No matter where you eat, try to stick to a few basic guidelines”, advices fashion model and actress. Devon is sure the amount you should eat depends on your age and activity level – young women should eat less them man. Two to five cups of fruits and vegetables each day give supermodel fiber and vital nutrients. “Taken together, fruits, vegetables, and grains can satisfy your hunger and fuel your body without blowing your calorie budget, especially if you need to be active through the day and to loose weight a little”, recons Devon Aoki.

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