It is time to change the autumn hats and berets on padded accessories that will save our heads (and especially the hair!) from frosty winters and the icy wind.

Incidentally, the presence of winter hats shows others that you have taste; you value your health and you are a serious and wealthy lady. Therefore, take one day to visit the market and several shops selling winter hats. Communicate with vendors, and better with owners of retail outlets. During this day you will have an idea of what kind of winter hat is better to buy and how much it will cost you. But do not rely entirely on the opinions of merchants, because they are interested persons who wish to do more sales. In the shopping trip take 1-2 people. Among them must be male (e.g., father or husband). And your companions should not be indifferent to your choice. Instead they should ask questions to sellers, express their opinions and independently assess the caps that you try on.

What should I look at when choosing women’s winter hats? It is certainly the fashion, practicality, and manufacturing technology headdress.

So let’s check women hat trends 2011.

I invite you to try the most stylish and comfortable hats from leading designers.

Hat with ear-flaps – Russian style women hat trends 2011

Despite the fact that initially the earflaps were purely men’s fashion, fancy hats with a turn-down ears are extremely popular among fashionable ladies today.

The most original winter hats with ears are presented by Jean-Paul Gautier in its elegant Sino-Mongolian collection. It is the main winter hat trend of the season – the fluffy fur cap of streaked fox fur with wool or velvet applications, embroidered folk patterns. You can find a budget version of the hats with earflaps faux fur in updates of Accessorize.

I recommend you to wear a fur cap with colorful “folk” neckpiece.

Women Cap trend 2011

Boyar cream mink lower caps and winter caps of dyed jet-black foxes are in fashion again – these magnificent pieces are observed at Oscar de la Renta , and there is no doubt that they have no longer been added to the wish-list of an It-girl ! Mass-market brands have managed to replicate this current style, and a supporter of democratic can free go shopping for hats in Top shop. Just do not forget to pick up to your new hat monochrome scarf from soft angora.

Stocking Hats trend 2011

Stylish Stocking Hat was introduced in the fall catalog Pollini.  Designers offer to wear it with tunics, short dresses or wide coat.

Rap cap is also selected as the winter hat trend 2011 by Twenty8Twelve designers for autumn/winter 2010-2011 collection.

Karen Walker came up with a warm stocking cap knitted from the wool. In her opinion it should be with the same coarse and voluminous scarf.

Cap with a pompon – women hat trend 2011

Funny winter hat with a pompon, such as those that we wore in our childhood, is also relevant.

You can find Laced hat with ears, tassels and pompons in Anna Sui collection.

And I advise you to check a beige wool hat with pompon presented at the winter hat 2010-2011 fashion show by Tory Burch.

Sports Caps – winter hat trends 2011

Salvatore Ferragamo has chosen two types of headdress for the Milan show – felt hats with ribbons and sports knitted hats. You should pay attention how the designer offers a combination of warm clothes.

One of his models was wearing a suede coat colors of cinnamon, knitted sweater with a collar stand shades of chocolate and the same color knitted hat.

Michael Kors introduced winter knit hats made of thick gray wool, beige and dark brown colors for his new collection.

Original cap style of the sixties appeared in D & G collection.

Knitted cap – women winter hat trends 2011

Simple but cozy and cute big knitting wool hat of country style is not only the best casual-option for the active urban walks, but also very compact accessory that takes up very little space in the traveler suitcase and is always popular at ski resorts.

The fans of ethnic ornaments really like painted hats from Anna Sui in Indian tribes style with a hint of embroidery handmade:  helmet form cap which reliably protects the head and colorful creative coloring will not be boring even in the most gloomy day. Similar caps can be found in “Columbia resort wear line as well as “grandma” knitted scarves.

Retro cap for special cases – women winter hat trends

Wearing a felt hat in winter, of course madness but very beautiful: Carolina Herrera has created a gorgeous look, decked models in bright wide-brimmed hats and chocolate sable boa, while the ubiquitous Jean-Paul Gaultier has shown in collection for Hermes  a cult Charlie Chaplin  bowler with a mink coat and waistcoat. Searching for the winter hats and suitable cashmere stole pay attention to the showcases of affordable brand Oasis.

Black Hat – women winter hat trends 2011

The black hat – is a fashion accessory, which should be in the wardrobe of any fashionista.

Black hat is ideal for strong and confident women. It emphasizes the Panther nature. If you stick to the classical style, a black hat is your option.

The hat not only makes you extravagant, but also protects hair from harmful environmental exposures.

Black hat is a universal accessory. And try to mix your clothes and hats made of different materials. You will look very originally when wear a leather jacket and a tweed hat. Men’s hats go well with unisex clothes.

At the same time I want to notice that hats are not for everyone. Lows do not restrict you wearing hats but we need a balance, a hat should be proportional to the growth and complexion and blend in with the clothes. For example, too little hat on a very large head is a bad variant. A good one is a not high hat for a person with elongated face.

How to measure hat size

How to measure the hat size? You must know that the hat should sit tight on your head, not slide off. The width of the crown should not be wider than the face and a top- rests against the top of the crown.

Hat is actual an easy way to make the 2010-2011 winter warmer and prettier. And  you can play snowballs, why not? This winter fashion  is humane – we may in once do not catch cold trying to look cool. We must all become soft and fluffy, as dictated by the popularity of cardigans, sweaters and mittens. Oh, and wear mittens. You always want to hug and not let go those who wear gloves – well, is not it great?

I wish you a successful shopping-hunting!

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