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Latest winter dress fashions in the UK

Jan.26, 2012

Latest winter dress fashions in the UK

The bleak winter weather in the UK can do nothing to dampen the spirits of a true fashionista. Dresses are as essential this winter as they were during the summer. Accessories may be a little more wintry, such as thick patterned tights, leggings, coats, hats and scarves and the dresses themselves maybe made from thicker, more hardwearing material, but the same fundamentals are the same: dresses are sexy, sassy, stylish and most importantly, wearable.  Read More »

Islamic Fashion Festival – the charm of the Orient

Nov.18, 2011

After holding shows abroad the 19th Islamic Fashion Festival named ‘Oriental Charm’ was opened on the 14 November 2011 in Kuala Lumpur. It is the first festival after a long period since 2006. The Islamic Fashion Festival 2011 will run for 5 days until 18th of November. According to the festive program fourteen fashion shows will be hold, 10 of which – in aid of charity. About sixty foreign and local designers will present their collection to the audience. Read More »

Weird Shoes 2011

Nov.14, 2011

The year is ending soon and its time to resume and name the weirdest pair of shoes among the weird shoes 2011. The catwalk 2011 was profuse in weird fashion, shoes are not exception. Alexander McQueen’s début and Lady Gaga’s defiles make it harder and harder to create anecdotic and unlikely shoes. But despite of this, our fashion experts have managed to find bold and creative weird shoes 2011. Read More »

What to Wear on Halloween 2011

Oct.26, 2011


Hi, girls! Are you preparing for the coming Halloween 2011 party? No? I got it. You have already raked up you closet and unfortunately haven’t found anything suitable. Botched costumes from the past Halloween party, torn tights and other accessories all these mean you need Halloween costume help.

Here I have fresh new ideas on what to wear on Halloween 2011. So relax. If you follow my simple advices you won’t have any problems with halloween costume 2011. And of course you’ll be spotted on any Halloween party! Read More »

Tights trends 2011-2012

Oct.14, 2011

Tights are the one and to my mind the only element of the women’s wardrobe which can serve for tempting during the cold weather (if it is possible, of course). And I really can prove you that, using tights trends 2011-2012. Just imagine a girl working down the snowy street. Her hands are red, her nose is red too, and eyes (if you can see then through her scarf) are full with tears because of the wind. The poor thing wears down parka, heelless boots on a solid bottom…Not so sexy, agree? Read More »

What to Wear with Flare Jeans – Women Fashion Tips

Oct.02, 2011

70s inspired flare jeans are on the fashion wave again. We can see it both on the catwalk and on celebs. Casual hippies or glam disco dancers – with the flare jeans and right accessories you can create different wardrobes and styles. Thus, ladies, let’s get in flare jeans and learn what to wear with flare jeans to have a perfect look.

What to wear with flare jeans – Shirts Read More »

Women Skirt Trends 2011 spring-summer

Mar.14, 2011

The main words that can describe skirt trends 2011 are beauty, womanhood, romance and femininity. The skirt will be the most significant thing in a wardrobe of every woman in spring and summer time. Skirt is the best option when it is a question of universality and usability, and every practical woman of fashion has to know and use it.

The last season`s trends (winter 2011) have successful extending this new season. Those, who are a fun of long, stylish elegant retro skirts, will be on the top of style this spring and summer. Wind of the `70s becomes more and more popular in many world`s collections, and this time is not an exception. Read More »

New Gucci pre-fall Collection 2011

Feb.11, 2011

Designer Frida Giannini has made an elegant citizen who prefers a classic, sometimes even strict attire the heroine of the new interseasonal collection of Gucci. There are plenty of clothes made of soft velvet in her wardrobe, business suits, elegant black dress. At the same time she can afford to wear such bold things like lace-up boots, short shorts, bright red skinny combination. Read More »

What to Wear to a Job Interview

Jan.09, 2011

Success at work is very important. But often it is necessary to pass more than 1 interview in order to get your dream job. Thus a job search is logically related to professional development.

What to wear to a job interview? A positive result very often depends on what you wear to a job interview.

It is very difficult to give recommendations on the style of clothing and color solutions. But fortunately there are some general rules. Women’s clothing is much more a natural extension of their style than men’s. Every woman wants to be attractive, charming and sexy. But when you go to a job interview, you must define what you want to accentuate in your image. Read More »

How to Wear a Scarf

Jan.02, 2011

How much has the role of women scarf in the cloak room changed? It is still just an element of warmth or all the same scarf turned into a stylish accessory and necessary subject of women’s wardrobe?

Types of Scarves

Scarves are worn in hot countries and countries with cold climates. In the south, where the climate is hot and dry, scarves wrapped around their heads, help to keep your hair clean, as it is a lot of dust in the dry air. Knitted scarves are worn in cold countries with a cap that would keep the throat and ears from hypothermia. It was also tied around the neck or head. But over time, this need has grown into a tradition and fashion. Therefore, the scarf has become a fashionable and stylish piece of clothing. With the help of a scarf you can put the emphasis on individual elements of your image; you can simply create an image. Yes, and you can wear a scarf not just on the neck and shoulders, head, but even at the waist or hips. Read More »

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