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New fragrance New York Oud by Bond No9

Feb.03, 2011

Bond No9, an American popular perfume house introduced a new fragrance called New York Oud. Its name says it all! The main ingredient of composition is a wood agar (agarwood, oud).

Agar tree is not at the first times in the flavor of this home. The first time it was used in the compositions created exclusively for the store Harrods, the second time it occurs in a signature of the fragrance of house Bond No9 Perfume. Read More »

Pink Sparkle POP – the New Fragrance from Kylie Minogue

Jan.28, 2011

In February 2011 the smell from the Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue will join many other flavors by celebrities. Perfume is called Pink Sparkle POP, it largely repeats the previous edition Pink Sparkle (a form of perfume bottles and some shades). They are distinguished by color of the glass of the vessel. Read More »

Rock Me! Summer of Love by Anna Sui – New Fragrance

Mar.11, 2010

anna-sui-sol-3Hi, girls! It is spring and it is 2010 and that means that… Anna Sui has launched new fragrance – Rock Me! Summer of Love by Anna Sui.

Actually the line is already available at all Anna Sui counters from 15 February 2010. But now it is the time to take it serious indeed.

Rock Me! Summer of Love by Anna Sui is the day variant of last year’s Rock Me! fragrance, that is more for a night out on the town party. It fits Anna Sui’s sort of a girl – full of energy, in love with life, adores music and cool parties!  This girl is fond of rock music, but mostly its softer indie-folk stream instead of hard-rock notes of the previous Rock Me! Anna Sui fragrance. Read More »

Eva Longoria Launches Unique Fragrance “Eva by Eva Longoria” This Spring

Dec.23, 2009

eva-longoriaThe “Desperate Housewife” decided to make her own signature scent that is lighter on the nose than most perfumes -“Eva by Eva Longoria”. The matter of the problem is in the allergy that makes Eva Longoria sick of the most perfumes.

Eva Longoria Parker says that she wants her new scent, entitled “Eva by Eva Longoria,” to be “something that every woman could wear.” Her fragrance would be “light, fresh and unique”, so to prove how extremely sexy the scent of a woman is. Read More »

Rock Me! New Fragrance by Anna Sui

Nov.19, 2009

anna-sui-rock-meA well-known womenswear designer Anna Sui has launched new fragrance Rock Me!

For Anna Sui rock music has always been one of her inspirations. If you were at her shop you would probably notice that it is decorated with posters featuring bands from the Woodstock era through The White Stripes and Radiohead.

So it is not surprising that Rock Me! new fragrance by Anna Sui is a real “tribute to the electricity and energy of rock-n-roll.” Rock Me! fragrance is a combination of fashion and rock culture. But in her new item, Anna Sui decided to use not the classical rock culture, but a glamour rock in all it’s gloss.

Rock Me! New Fragrance by Anna Sui is an Eau de Toilette with listed notes of pear, green orange, and peach skin; honeysuckle, jasmine, and waterlily; and cedarwood, amber, and vanilla.

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