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What to wear to a New Year 2012 Party

Dec.06, 2011

And again New year. And again the question: What to wear to a New Year 2012 party? In a sense it is very hard to give a right one-box advice for each and every girl, cause all girls are unique. But in this article I’ll try to find some nice New Year 2012 trends for the beat night out wear.

First of all goes a black dress. This is a really multipurpose womenswear. Weddings, funerals, cocktail parties, dates, meetings, corporate parties – all these fits the little black dress, which can make you a goddess of fine shape. To mind the only exception is a family dinner (espesially with your boyfriend’s parents) where people want to see you warm and fuzzy but not a femme fatale. Chose this gorgeous dress for New Year 2012 party and don’t forget to put on some eye-catching jewelry in the palette like that. Read More »

What to Wear with Flare Jeans – Women Fashion Tips

Oct.02, 2011

70s inspired flare jeans are on the fashion wave again. We can see it both on the catwalk and on celebs. Casual hippies or glam disco dancers – with the flare jeans and right accessories you can create different wardrobes and styles. Thus, ladies, let’s get in flare jeans and learn what to wear with flare jeans to have a perfect look.

What to wear with flare jeans – Shirts Read More »

Women Winter Hat Trends 2011

Dec.15, 2010

It is time to change the autumn hats and berets on padded accessories that will save our heads (and especially the hair!) from frosty winters and the icy wind.

Incidentally, the presence of winter hats shows others that you have taste; you value your health and you are a serious and wealthy lady. Therefore, take one day to visit the market and several shops selling winter hats. Communicate with vendors, and better with owners of retail outlets. During this day you will have an idea of what kind of winter hat is better to buy and how much it will cost you. But do not rely entirely on the opinions of merchants, because they are interested persons who wish to do more sales. In the shopping trip take 1-2 people. Among them must be male (e.g., father or husband). And your companions should not be indifferent to your choice. Instead they should ask questions to sellers, express their opinions and independently assess the caps that you try on. Read More »

What Skirt Not to Wear – Clothing Style Tips

Nov.26, 2009


When we decide what to wear we rare take our skirt into account. But it worth! Cause sometimes bad skirt choices can plus you 2-3 undesired kg and make you figure proportions worse. Only think about it!

So our experts are eager to help you with choosing right skirt, as skirt is considered to be one of the most attractive elements of womanswear. Read More »

What Color Not to Wear-Clothing Style Tips

Nov.22, 2009

5As we promised to continue Not to Wear article circle, you are now reading What Color Not to Wear tips.

In this article we are going to talk about fall-winter 2009-2010 fashion colors and give you some fashion clothing tips, touching fashion color choice in you clothing, depending on the effect you want to produce on people, or your own goals.

Plain chocolate or black is again fall-winter 2009-2010 season favorite. And it is quite true not for clothing only, but also for make up tendencies -winter 2009-2010. Read More »

What to Wear at Fitness Club

Nov.17, 2009


For many women sportswear became a real problem. A question: what to wear at fitness club arises each time women are going to pump the butt.

Women sportswear problem is to combine comfort for training and beauty for air.

In this article our fashion experts give you sportswear tips, helping to choose right PE kit and sport underwear, depending on the fitness class you attend and your desire to look attrective. Read More »

What Not to Wear – Clothing Style Tips

Nov.12, 2009


Have you ever heard of clothes that make you look slim? I am not talking about special underwear taking you into the steel “seamless” embraces. Or some thousand of hours spent in the fitness club.

I even don’t mention dieting and implementing adhesive gels and anti cellulite cream. But what I really want to advice you now is…the right clothing style the best and one of the easiest way of looking slim.

Ok, now we will see in details the most common mistakes of inappropriate clothing style and clothing choice for those who want to look fit, but don’t know how to do it right. And on the contrary I’ll show the right variant of clothing choice.

In the first part of the article I want to stress you attention to the waist, cause the waist make us women, and in many ways determines our fate. Scientists proved that men choose the women with thin waist not haply. Read More »