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Weird Shoes 2011

Nov.14, 2011

The year is ending soon and its time to resume and name the weirdest pair of shoes among the weird shoes 2011. The catwalk 2011 was profuse in weird fashion, shoes are not exception. Alexander McQueen’s début and Lady Gaga’s defiles make it harder and harder to create anecdotic and unlikely shoes. But despite of this, our fashion experts have managed to find bold and creative weird shoes 2011. Read More »

Laced Shoes from Valentino – Trend of the Season

Jan.22, 2011

Fashion is going through bizarre and totally unusual inventions of designers.

We have already passed sports shoes on the heels. And what do you think about lace shoes? Valentino released a trend of the season – lace sneakers.

Italian fashion house Valentino recently introduced a lace shoes, created in collaboration with leading youth shoes brand Converse. Read More »

“Meat” Dress of Lady Gaga in the First Place

Dec.31, 2010

Dress of Lady Gaga made of chunks of meat declared as the most iconic attire of the year according to the British Internet portal MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk. The honor went to the singer by a vote of visitors.

I recall that Lady Gaga accustomed to shock the audience with her eccentric outfits, came to the ceremony MTV Video Music Awards this year in a dress, boots and hat, sewn together from pieces of meat. Read More »

Knitted Boots

Jan.05, 2010


Have you ever imagined knitted boots from wool? No-no! Not socks but boots! If you haven’t, we suppose that this article would be interesting to you.

First of all these knitted boots are not only the fashion footwear. Really knitted boots are very practical! Some people have to walk a lot and this cause corns. Brrrr! But wearing soft knitted boots you won’t ever have corns. Read More »

Weird Shoes Collection 2009

Nov.20, 2009


Talking about haut-couture it is important not to forget have some fun. So I suggest we should smile a little and check new Weird Shoes Collection 2009.

I am sure most of our readers will be astonished by this wonderful Weird Shoes Collection 2009. Some showpieces are just funny shoes, which can be put on going to the festival or so, some are rather weird, look more like souvenirs. And others shoes from Weird Shoes Collection 2009 are enormous sized. Read More »