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Weird Shoes 2011

Nov.14, 2011

The year is ending soon and its time to resume and name the weirdest pair of shoes among the weird shoes 2011. The catwalk 2011 was profuse in weird fashion, shoes are not exception. Alexander McQueen’s début and Lady Gaga’s defiles make it harder and harder to create anecdotic and unlikely shoes. But despite of this, our fashion experts have managed to find bold and creative weird shoes 2011. Read More »

Best men’s Halloween costumes 2011

Oct.28, 2011

It is always a problem for a guy to choose a cool and suitable Halloween costume from the great amount of men’s Halloween costumes 2011. In wizard costume you are looking like a schoolboy, zombie costume is too simple and boring even. Relax guys! For you I’ve prepared best men’s Halloween costumes 2011. Reading this article will help you to choose cool and original variant from different others. Read More »

What to Wear on Halloween 2011

Oct.26, 2011


Hi, girls! Are you preparing for the coming Halloween 2011 party? No? I got it. You have already raked up you closet and unfortunately haven’t found anything suitable. Botched costumes from the past Halloween party, torn tights and other accessories all these mean you need Halloween costume help.

Here I have fresh new ideas on what to wear on Halloween 2011. So relax. If you follow my simple advices you won’t have any problems with halloween costume 2011. And of course you’ll be spotted on any Halloween party! Read More »

Weird Dresses 2011

Oct.12, 2011

We all know Lady Gaga for her queer get-up. And I am sure every time you see her in one of these weird dresses 2011 you ask yourself if you are ready to wear something like that. For the majority of women this is not acceptable. All these rump steaks, extremely low cuts, red laces and thorns, latex and panties are hot things. But of course there are brave women who like spotlight.

Are you going to party this Wednesday? Or you are fond of funny jokes on dating and are eager to play your partner up? Dinner with parents or boring prom? For those, who is going to knock off s spots Lady Gaga I suggest to read this article and find some geek ideas for your weird dresses 2011. Read More »

Weird Wedding Dresses

Apr.28, 2011

Summer is coming. And opened by the next Princess Di – Kate Middleton wedding season 2011 promises to be hot! Every bride wants to be the most beautiful and what is more – inimitable. In some case if you don’t have royal money margin it becomes a real problem. But the desire is still burning. Thus the more practical way to blow away all the guests on you wedding day is to choose weird wedding dress. And the weirder your dress is going to be, the more inimitable effect you will get! Read More »

Fabergé-inspired Fashion Collection 2011 by Mary Katrantzou

Apr.26, 2011

Have you ever thought of a Swarovski encrusted skirt, or some Fabergé dress? But designer Mary Katrantzou does! For the fall 2011 she prepared incredible Fabergé-inspired fashion collection 2011 with frantic prints, fantastic-shaped molded dresses and skirts.

Every time Mary has something to make us blown away and she makes au feel a beat confused. Do you remember her perfume-bottles-printed collection? Or may be scenes from hotel rooms as the main collection prints? Read More »

Katy Perry Sets the Fashion in Latex Clothing

Jan.07, 2011

In the world of showbiz each new star strives to stand out from more experienced colleagues, and therefore tries to invent the own unique style. Typically, the emphasis is on clothes, hair and makeup.

Katy Perry promptly burst into the music industry and won the hearts of fans around the world through her music and bright colorful show that accompanies any of her performance. Read More »

“Meat” Dress of Lady Gaga in the First Place

Dec.31, 2010

Dress of Lady Gaga made of chunks of meat declared as the most iconic attire of the year according to the British Internet portal MyCelebrityFashion.co.uk. The honor went to the singer by a vote of visitors.

I recall that Lady Gaga accustomed to shock the audience with her eccentric outfits, came to the ceremony MTV Video Music Awards this year in a dress, boots and hat, sewn together from pieces of meat. Read More »

Tokyo Street Fashion Wear Style

Nov.02, 2010

In the middle of the 19th century the capital of Tokyo started emulating Western fashion. Till the beginning of the 21st century it has altered much into so called ‘street fashion’. This term is used for describing a mixture of traditional and current trends. Generally such wear is home-made but the material for it is purchased at usual stores.

In the last years Japanese hip-hop has influenced the mainstream fashion industry in Tokyo. The youth in Tokyo is imitating popular hip hop stars starting from the way they dress to the darkened their skin using ultraviolet rays, this is usually attained by tanning. Read More »

Knitted Boots

Jan.05, 2010


Have you ever imagined knitted boots from wool? No-no! Not socks but boots! If you haven’t, we suppose that this article would be interesting to you.

First of all these knitted boots are not only the fashion footwear. Really knitted boots are very practical! Some people have to walk a lot and this cause corns. Brrrr! But wearing soft knitted boots you won’t ever have corns. Read More »

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