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Men’s Ties Trends 2011

Jun.16, 2011

A tie. There’s something important about this piece of clothing: no man’s wardrobe can survive without ties. It’s the so-called centerpiece of a gentleman’s collection of clothes. Men’s ties can reasonably increase the status in the society as well as decrease it. Fashion trends of new era neckties can fully represent the personality of a wearer and his ability to keep up with a chosen bluff image.

The feature people are looking for while choosing neckties today is its general quality. Mens ties trends 2011 are no exception. One of the most common delusions is that the quality necktie should be of alloyed silk only, without any patterns. But anyone used to such aberrations can easily overcome this statement. Read More »

Men’s Spring Summer 2011 Shoes trends

May.27, 2011

We haven’t talked about our dearest men for a long time. So I decided the time has come. And in this article I am at the point to tell the men about the men’s spring summer 2011 shoes trends.

Remember Elvis’s song about suede shoes? Suede shoes are this season men’s spring summer 2011 shoes trend. So now you should take Suede shoes serious. Choose the classic shape and leather color. Beige and latte brogues are in the men’s spring summer 2011 shoes trends. Read More »

Snake Print Dresses Trend 2011

May.17, 2011

Snake is gorgeous, plastic, and full of grace. Every woman dreams to resemble a snake a little. But at the same time we are all afraid of that creation. Snakes are mean, wise and heartless. And have the most beautiful skin in the world! From the Ancient times women tried to make snake print dresses.

You probably wouldn’t have thought it but snake print dresses trend 2011 is one of the hottest print trends this season. The leopard print is off the top spot spring-summer 2011. And the gorgeous snake print takes it’s place on the catwalk. Read More »

Women’s Swimwear Trends summer 2011

Apr.13, 2011

Each time we go to the swimming pool or just swim in the sea while travelling abroad, the most important question every lady has is – what bathing suit to wear? It is very necessary to feel well at ease in a wonderful bathing suit. Women’s swimwear trends summer 2011 will be really hot. The fashion world is various and splendid, and swimwear designers work hard to fulfill the demands of the public. Read More »

How to make spring-summer 2011 Make-up

Mar.18, 2011

If you follow the fashion trends and you have prepared the right outfit for spring-summer 2011 season, then you must find out all details about spring-summer 2011 make-up trends to make your style complete. You can choose different make-up styles to pick out your certain mood and fashioned wear, you can surprise people by your new looks, make up is the same important to create correct imagination about your personality. Read More »

Women Skirt Trends 2011 spring-summer

Mar.14, 2011

The main words that can describe skirt trends 2011 are beauty, womanhood, romance and femininity. The skirt will be the most significant thing in a wardrobe of every woman in spring and summer time. Skirt is the best option when it is a question of universality and usability, and every practical woman of fashion has to know and use it.

The last season`s trends (winter 2011) have successful extending this new season. Those, who are a fun of long, stylish elegant retro skirts, will be on the top of style this spring and summer. Wind of the `70s becomes more and more popular in many world`s collections, and this time is not an exception. Read More »

Spring Campaign 2011 by Hugo Boss

Feb.05, 2011

Hugo Boss is a well-known German brand, diverse product of which is designed for successful and active people. Company produces fashion clothes, shoes, handbags, perfumes and accessories. Major manufacturing company is located in Turkey. Production of “Hugo Boss” is known throughout the world, and luxury boutiques of the same name are located in different countries – Germany, the Netherlands, UK, USA, Russia and others. Read More »