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Men’s Swimwear Trends 2010

Jul.19, 2010

“People shop for a bathing suit with more care than they do a husband or wife.”
Erma Bombeck

For a man, who doesn’t want to look out of fashion on the beach it is very important to refresh the swim trunks every season. Each summer season brings new trends and you should catch a wave to correspond to men’s swimwear trends 2010.

Really the choice is huge and it’s easy to het lost inside it. So our fashion experts are ready to help the men in finding the right and cool fashion swimwear that will show the amenities of men’s figure. Read More »

Handbag Trends Summer 2010

May.07, 2010

The main handbag trends summer 2010 can be in conflict between elegant classic and street style. But you can’t imagine summer 2010 handbag trend without classic bags.

All fashion designers understand it all right, that is why they decided to put into their collections some classic tendencies. And of course vintage style is still on fashion height. So be ready to take your grandma’s reticule out of the chest.

Don’t forget some sports handbags trends for young sporty girls. Summer 2010 brings you cozy variant of sport and beach bag at the same time. Read More »

Make-up Trends Summer 2010

May.05, 2010

This summer the catwalks and city streets will be invaded with fresh-faced, natural, pretty looks with fleshes of color and a soft magic finish to them.

Make-up trends summer 2010 include:

  • colorful eyeshadows
  • natural looking makeup
  • nude make up
  • disco make up

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Long Dresses 2010

Apr.22, 2010

Long dress is always a mystery for every man, though as for a woman, wearing it. That is why Muslim women always wear long gown, thus withstanding competition among other wives in the harem and staying desirable for their husband.

The matter of the fact is in the concupiscence to see something under the dress, but in most cases that SOMETHING is carefully hidden. And that is the moment for your fantasy to work!

In this article our fashion experts propose to pay attention to the long dresses 2010 and to learn their mystery with the help of the top designers Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, John Galliano and Jean- Paul Gautier and their spring 2010 collections. Read More »

Best Bikini 2010

Mar.06, 2010

bikini 2010

Summer 2010 has prepared some special surprises for you. If you are interested in latest bikini trends this post is for you!

Best bikini 2010 is bandeau top bikini and maillot, monokine and tankini – different models for all figure types. Bright colors are on fashion height and this is good news for young girls. Turquoise, lavender, orange, lemon yellow, sky-blue, purple, coral, violet and green – the best colors for your bikini 2010.

If you are not a lurid color fan try ethno-print on your bikini or classic black-and-white models. Of you are planning to loose weight a little, choose single-color set for slim look. Read More »

Fashion Cuts and Hairstyle 2010

Feb.11, 2010

Fashion Cuts and Hairstyle 2010 are very special this season so you can easily find something for you to rest on the fashion height.

Fashion haircuts 2010 present preciseness, flat set and at the same time some “chaos” elements. Two main hairstyle trends 2010 are: super short cut or extremely long hair (to stress simple and natural beauty of the hair). Read More »

Women Shoes Trends Spring-Summer 2010

Feb.04, 2010

There is only one winter month left, so girls, it is time to think over the fresh spring robe. Spring is a time of joy, young love and shy interest to life after the cold and long winter… The nature is ready to wake up and all your feelings are in early blossom.

Paris Fashion Week is over and so the main women clothing tendencies are set. In this article we want to pay your special attention to the spring-summer 2010 shoes. To cover the most wearable women shoes trends spring-summer 2010 we want you to be aware of all the changings that occurred in the women shoes tendencies over the winter. Read More »

Lindsay Lohan Emanuel Ungaro Spring-Summer 2010 Collection

Nov.28, 2009

lohan-for-unganoLindsay Lohan in association with Emanuel Ungaro’s french brand designer – Estrella Archs, launched new Lindsay Lohan Emanuel Ungaro Spring-Summer 2010 collection that had a large resonance among critics.

Most of Paris catwalk fashion critics were shocked by bra tops, fur stoles (a may-be reverence towards French Moulin-Rouge, but no Spring-Summer 2010 collection) and that pasties and also by remarkably cohesive overall presentation for a collection put together in a matter of days.

But Emanuel Ungaro’s present company president Mounir Moufarriage applauded loudly the Chief Designer and Artistic Adviser – Lindsay Lohan. And he had the full right to do so: Lindsay Lohan Emanuel Ungaro Spring-Summer 2010 Collection designs have been flying off the shop shelves. Read More »

Erdem Glasses Debut Collection Spring – Summer 2010

Nov.25, 2009

erdem-cutler-gross-glasses 2010 -5

The Fashion Fringe-winning designer Erdem in a collaboration with Cutler & Gross launched Erdem Glasses Debut Collection Spring – Summer 2010.

Fine art and Tokyo holydays inspirited designer went far away into the Sixties to bring us a graphic John Lennon frame shape and a brightly printed Japanese fisherwoman dress. A strange combination, isn’t it?

Erdem’s design repertoire has always been built on some Eastern impressions and Erdem Glasses Debut Collection Spring – Summer 2010 is not the exception. Read More »