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EyeEnvy new ColorON Eyeshadows – Revolution in shadow applying

Nov.29, 2011

You have no experience or sense in applying eye shades? Relax and forget about it! EyeEnvy presented new unique ColorON shadows. The system of applying is the most revolutionary thing about the EyeEnvy new ColorON Eyeshadows. The instant eyeshadow applicator allows to fully apply the shadow on your eyelid. That’s why you can save the time while going out for a night or wherever. Read More »

Opulent Eyes – Face of Australia Eyeshadows Limited Edition

May.09, 2011

Create a new world of glam with the new Opulent Eyes Face of Australia Eyeshadows. This Face of Australia Eyeshadows Limited Edition is the most eloquent of seasonal shades. Do think oven can’t bring you nothing but headache and waste of time in the kitchen? NO!

Opulent Eyes Face of Australia Eyeshadows Limited Edition are oven baked formula eyeshadows which brighten your eyes with sophisticated color and release rich, velvety finish. Read More »

How to make spring-summer 2011 Make-up

Mar.18, 2011

If you follow the fashion trends and you have prepared the right outfit for spring-summer 2011 season, then you must find out all details about spring-summer 2011 make-up trends to make your style complete. You can choose different make-up styles to pick out your certain mood and fashioned wear, you can surprise people by your new looks, make up is the same important to create correct imagination about your personality. Read More »

Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trios Eye Pencil for Smoky Eyes

Jan.26, 2010

Bourjois Paris has recently presented new eye pencil Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trios – perfect decision for smoky eyes effect.

With new Bourjois Smoky Eyes Trios you can get that mystic smoky eyes effect in two slight movements! To tell the truth we, women, get bored by the eye shadows that need more time to be applied nattily on the eyelid. And you can’t always do it perfectly, especially if you are in a hurry.

So the usage of the eye Bourjois Smoky Eyes pencil has a couple of advantages: you are ready with your smoky eyes make-up in several seconds and, that is more, your make up stay with you all day long. Read More »

Estee Lauder Pure Color Eye Shadow Matte & Metallic Limited Edition

Nov.24, 2009


Estee Lauder has brought you Pure Color Eye Shadow Matte & Metallic Limited Edition, a dramatically different eye shadow with a more vibrant intense color that unites two basic eye shadow characteristics: matte for a natural look and metallic for a smoky eye effect.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Eye Shadow Matte & Metallic Limited Edition has come up with 3 new formulations: matte, demi-pearl and pearl. Estee Lauder Pure Color Eye Shadow Matte & Metallic Limited Edition is long wear (about 8 hours) and improved blendability. And if you accidentally brushed your eyes with your handkerchief, this eye shadow stays in place all right.

Pure Color Eye Shadow fits latest formula for maximum color – even if you just apply a smaller amount you can sense a good color coat. And there are skin conditioning ingredients in it so that your eye areas don’t get dry. With Estee Lauder Pure Color Eye Shadow you will not experience any of allergic reactions, cause the product is highly safe and only comes with the best hypoallergenic ingredients. Read More »