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Kanye West Fall 2012 RTW Collection

Mar.14, 2012

Kanye West fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear collection

Kanye West Fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection is characterized by simplicity of design and accuracy of lines. The fashion critics consider the collection to be a new break-through of this season. However, a well-known singer who stepped into the field of fashion design has a lot of trends to look up to. His own design of outfits can be simply called glam with a touch of futuristic style, as delicacy of forms is combined with a harsh make up and outrageous hairstyles of models. But before his brand becomes popular an aspiring fashion designer has to launch several new collections.

In spite of the rumors about his bad taste in fashion, Kanye West is ready to conquer the fashion world with a series of elegant and unique collections. The singer seems to be aiming for the same level of acknowledgement in the world of fashion as he has in music, so Kanye West has successfully entered the fashion industry, displaying his peculiar vision of form and color. Read More »

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012 at Paris Fashion Week

Oct.07, 2011

Since Kate Middleton’s wedding Sarah Burton (the after-death Alexander McQueen fashion house creative director) set about gardening and presented the new cabbage-inspired Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012 at Paris Fashion Week.

Feminine woman dressed in a lot of ruche and frilling pale beige and pink, nude, cabbage-form frilling on skirts, cabbage-texture and cabbage-print dresses – that is all Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012. Aged gold color costumes give the special medieval chic to the collection – the Alexander McQueen’s calling card. Read More »

Chanel Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012 at Paris Fashion Week

Oct.06, 2011

Seems Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t wait much sun from this spring season. As Chanel Spring/Summer Collection 2012 was rather snowy. There were a lot of white, pale palette and just modest black and light-pink, trying to get out of that snow.

Surprising himself and all the critics, Karl presented chanel spring collection 2012 under the Florence Welch’s incredible accompaniment. By the way, she sang live. Read More »

Сhristian Dior Spring/Summer Collection 2012 at Paris Fashion Week

Oct.05, 2011

Сhristian Dior Spring/Summer Collection 2012 showed that Dior’s show goes on without Galliano. The new Сhristian Dior ready-to-wear collection brought some fresh notes to the catwalk so that I’d rather took some of these fabulous chiffon dresses and put them on because of the unexpectedly hot weather. Read More »

Vera Wang Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer 2012 – New York Fashion Week

Sep.18, 2011

Vera Wang Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer 2012 - New York Fashion Week

This season the icon of fashion Vera Wang presented her mysterious collection for the New York Fashion Week. Vera Wang Spring/Summer 2012 Collection was inspired by a psychedelic fairytale muse – Alice in Wonderland. It contained mostly youthful and hyper-progressive spring designs which couldn’t be compared with Vera Wang dresses of bridal and gown-shaped style, in the slightest.

The atmosphere was set by the childish melody background from an antique music box. While the catwalk was hit by Victorian-style sporty ensembles with numerous layers of snowy white, changing slowly to the graphic and abstract prints and colour variations: from yellowish to grey, then from rose to cobalt or indigo. Read More »

NY Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs Spring RTW 2012 Collection

Sep.15, 2011

NY Fashion Week: Marc Jacobs Spring RTW 2012 Collection

Marc Jacobs Spring Ready-to-Wear 2012 Collection is easily distinguished, so are all his previous collections. His signature and secondary line are always well-thought and felt. They became the reflection of his fashion style and life habits. Nevertheless, his tastes mostly depend on the calendar which brings him fresh inspiration. And Marc Jacobs 2012 Collection for New York Fashion Week is a good proof of that.

MxM’s spirit was mostly about college off-springs in vintage, but this stream was overshadowed by a more powerful neon salvo: girls dressed in orange tints, and boys in hazmat orange suits. The chosen shade resulted into great effect throughout the show, otherwise all the outfits would have been solely conventional. Read More »