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Jewelry Trends 2012

Oct.24, 2011

Fashion Jewelry Trends 2012

Jewelry is the last thing men pay attention to when rating a woman and the first women pay attention to while envying a woman. That’s why it is so important to choose right jewelry piece on shopping with girlfriends and to forget to put it at all on date with a guy. But to choose right jewelry you should be aware of the latest jewelry trends 2012. Thus our fashion experts prepared few tips for a perfect it-girl who adores jewelry 2012. Read More »

Mango Fall/Winter Jewelry Collection 2011-2012

Sep.02, 2011

Well-chosen and matching jewelry can utterly change any look from the simplest to the very chic, that is why fashion and style have always been greatly influenced by jewelry designs.

This coming fall/winter 2011/2012 season designers have put great significance to jewelry.

The jewelry designers create new lines of accessories for each season because tasteful and charismatic accessories can have a great impact in fashion makes. And a well-known and respected brand Mango is not an exception. Read More »

Lacoste Jewelry Collection spring-summer 2011

Apr.06, 2011

Last summer fashion brand Lacoste launched fashion jewelry line and now new Lacoste jewelry collection spring-summer 2011 is released for you ladies.

Lacoste jewelry collection spring-summer 2011 is a perfect fashion jewelry collection for luxury fans. Every woman, who prefers sport glam would be glad to find out the pieces carefully prepared for her to point the lady out in the fitness-club, on the tennis court or during other outdoor activities. Read More »

NOir Jewelry New Year Collection

Dec.28, 2010

Do you love comics as much as nOir Jewelry does? Outrageous jewelry brand provokes surprising again. NOir Jewelry in conjunction with DC Comics created an amazing New Year collection of jewelry.

Brand NOir Jewelry was created 15 years ago.

Designer Leeora Catalan is a director and founder of the label nOir jewelry. She brought up her unique style and received the name of a fashion stylist thanks to training at Ralph Lauren and Oscar De La Renta. Fourteen years ago, she founded her personal production company jewelry nOir jewelry. The company is conveniently located at 350 West 38th Street, New York. Read More »

Angelina Jolie Will Develop a Jewelry Collection

Dec.23, 2010

Angelina Jolie is an actress, stage director, Goodwill Ambassador and finally, an exemplary mother and a role model for thousands of women around the world. She decided to broaden her interests and began jewelry business. Co-authored with Robert Prokop, the owner of the eponymous house, she will develop a collection of jewelry with precious stones.

In fact, cooperation of the jeweler and famous actress began even earlier: Prokop has created several jewelry pieces for actress Angelina Jolie, many of them she demonstrated during a promotional tour of the film Salt .Incidentally in the Tourist” Angelina also shines in Robert Procop jewelry. Read More »

Tiffany and Co New Blue Book Holiday Collection 2010-2011

Dec.07, 2010

Fine jewelry or utensils, ceremonial weapons, or a desk lamp, a strict Cup yacht club or a compact travel clock – Tiffany and Co had long since ceased to be merely the name of the jewelry at home. Tiffany and Co – an empire ruled by a refined taste, luxury, elegance and impeccable style. Each product is packaged in the famous blue box bears the invisible, but paradoxically the distinct stamp of belonging to this universe. Tiffany & Co. conquered the world gracefully and easily, keeping true to the style at all, even in it’s own history.

Tiffany & Co. jewellery is not just objects of exquisite art. It is an universal system of symbols that does not require any translation and commentary.

Read More »

Swarovski Watch Collection 2010 – Watch with Zhang Zilin

Aug.05, 2010

To present its new Watch Collection 2010 Swarovski jewelry house has chosen Chinese “Miss World” Zhang Zilin as a watch ambassador in Greater China. Zhang Zilin has a transcendent and fresh character fitting the pure and unique character of Swarovski crystal.

Moreover, Allison Pyrah theVice President Operations, Consumer Goods Business of Swarovski Greater China once said: “Zhang Zilin is the iconic representation of Chinese beauty, both her image and temperament fit in Swarovski well, and so she deserves to be Swarovski’s watch ambassador in Greater China.”

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How to Choose the Right Ring

Mar.19, 2010

How to Choose the Right RingRing is a symbol of eternity and true everlasting love. That is why women are dreaming to wear that sacred ring since their childhood. I say ring, not other jewelry.

But not every ring’s form and design suits your fingers. Some can be really ugly on your fingers so that could make you thing something wrong with your fingers. On the contrary, other rings bring the effect of long and gorgeous fingers to your not ideal finger form.

Now, ladies, smile! The secret of an ideal ring for your finger was found by our fashion experts! Studying the most common finger types our experts stand out matching designs of rings in terms of finger size and length. Read More »

Animal Jewelry 2010

Feb.08, 2010

From Ancient times to modern day, animal jewelry motives were the reason for artworks of many masters all over the world. In early societies fashioned animal jewelry served more like talismans than as fine art of jewelry pieces.

Power symbols represented by snakes, big cats, or mythical dragons were encrusted in rings, earrings, necklaces, brooches and bracelets as well. Read More »

Tiffany & Co Christmas Collection

Dec.29, 2009

tiffany-christmas-tree-accent_lamp tiffany-christmas-51

Tiffany & Co is an old jewelry company, established in 1837. The base of its heritage is quality and craftsmanship that made the company a world-premier jeweler.

Renowned for its diamond authority, Tiffany & Co continues as fashion’s arbiter with designs of legendary style introducing new Tiffany & Co Christmas Collection that reveals Jewelry Company in its truest light. Read More »

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