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What to Wear on Halloween 2011

Oct.26, 2011


Hi, girls! Are you preparing for the coming Halloween 2011 party? No? I got it. You have already raked up you closet and unfortunately haven’t found anything suitable. Botched costumes from the past Halloween party, torn tights and other accessories all these mean you need Halloween costume help.

Here I have fresh new ideas on what to wear on Halloween 2011. So relax. If you follow my simple advices you won’t have any problems with halloween costume 2011. And of course you’ll be spotted on any Halloween party! Read More »

Jewelry Trends 2012

Oct.24, 2011

Fashion Jewelry Trends 2012

Jewelry is the last thing men pay attention to when rating a woman and the first women pay attention to while envying a woman. That’s why it is so important to choose right jewelry piece on shopping with girlfriends and to forget to put it at all on date with a guy. But to choose right jewelry you should be aware of the latest jewelry trends 2012. Thus our fashion experts prepared few tips for a perfect it-girl who adores jewelry 2012. Read More »

Handbag Trends 2012 season

Oct.10, 2011

The it-girl is unimaginable without a handbag. This is not a question but a statement. So our fashion experts have made their job to prepare handbag trends 2012 season for you. You’ll find out all the keys of a right handbag 2012 season in thus article. But let me tell you that the most important element of the 2012 season is the form.

Thus we’ll speak about the handbag trends 2012 season forms according to the famous fashion houses. Their ideas can be useful for you when going to shopping next weekend. Thus check the most fashionable tendencies of handbag 2012 season. Read More »

Lacoste Jewelry Collection spring-summer 2011

Apr.06, 2011

Last summer fashion brand Lacoste launched fashion jewelry line and now new Lacoste jewelry collection spring-summer 2011 is released for you ladies.

Lacoste jewelry collection spring-summer 2011 is a perfect fashion jewelry collection for luxury fans. Every woman, who prefers sport glam would be glad to find out the pieces carefully prepared for her to point the lady out in the fitness-club, on the tennis court or during other outdoor activities. Read More »

Angelina Jolie Will Develop a Jewelry Collection

Dec.23, 2010

Angelina Jolie is an actress, stage director, Goodwill Ambassador and finally, an exemplary mother and a role model for thousands of women around the world. She decided to broaden her interests and began jewelry business. Co-authored with Robert Prokop, the owner of the eponymous house, she will develop a collection of jewelry with precious stones.

In fact, cooperation of the jeweler and famous actress began even earlier: Prokop has created several jewelry pieces for actress Angelina Jolie, many of them she demonstrated during a promotional tour of the film Salt .Incidentally in the Tourist” Angelina also shines in Robert Procop jewelry. Read More »

Women Winter Hat Trends 2011

Dec.15, 2010

It is time to change the autumn hats and berets on padded accessories that will save our heads (and especially the hair!) from frosty winters and the icy wind.

Incidentally, the presence of winter hats shows others that you have taste; you value your health and you are a serious and wealthy lady. Therefore, take one day to visit the market and several shops selling winter hats. Communicate with vendors, and better with owners of retail outlets. During this day you will have an idea of what kind of winter hat is better to buy and how much it will cost you. But do not rely entirely on the opinions of merchants, because they are interested persons who wish to do more sales. In the shopping trip take 1-2 people. Among them must be male (e.g., father or husband). And your companions should not be indifferent to your choice. Instead they should ask questions to sellers, express their opinions and independently assess the caps that you try on. Read More »

How to Wear Watches

Dec.11, 2010

Watch – is not only an accepted standard of time length. For some people watch is much more meaningful. Many people have watches more expensive than a car or even a house. Watch – is an attribute of luxury, charm, chic, a way to stand out, to underline the status and taste. Some time ago mobile phones began to carry the role of the watch. However, a real connoisseur will not get out of the bag his cell phone to see the time. He looks at his wrist.

Personally, I can’t imagine my day without my favorite watch on my left wrist. If this happens, and I forget to put it on all my entire day will be in the habit of looking at the left wrist to know what the time is. My watch is now a usual thing and my favorite accessory on my hand that I also put it on with pleasure on weekends. Read More »

Tiffany and Co New Blue Book Holiday Collection 2010-2011

Dec.07, 2010

Fine jewelry or utensils, ceremonial weapons, or a desk lamp, a strict Cup yacht club or a compact travel clock – Tiffany and Co had long since ceased to be merely the name of the jewelry at home. Tiffany and Co – an empire ruled by a refined taste, luxury, elegance and impeccable style. Each product is packaged in the famous blue box bears the invisible, but paradoxically the distinct stamp of belonging to this universe. Tiffany & Co. conquered the world gracefully and easily, keeping true to the style at all, even in it’s own history.

Tiffany & Co. jewellery is not just objects of exquisite art. It is an universal system of symbols that does not require any translation and commentary.

Read More »

Fashion Jewelry Watch Collection

Oct.27, 2010

What are watches for? I’m almost sure that some bookkeeper will answer, that timepieces are used for time determination. But a real it-girl is sure that a wristwatch is a bracelet with dial and numbers. Looking at our Jewelry Watch Collection you’ll understand, that she is right.

In this article I wanted to unite all the gorgeous, artistically created and very expensive timepieces, which make difference between working and leisure time. And it is really so. One look on the wristwatch is enough to say if this or that woman is going working, or party! Of course, I want all women to spend a pleasant lifetime, so this article is for you. Read More »

Swarovski Watch Collection 2010 – Watch with Zhang Zilin

Aug.05, 2010

To present its new Watch Collection 2010 Swarovski jewelry house has chosen Chinese “Miss World” Zhang Zilin as a watch ambassador in Greater China. Zhang Zilin has a transcendent and fresh character fitting the pure and unique character of Swarovski crystal.

Moreover, Allison Pyrah theVice President Operations, Consumer Goods Business of Swarovski Greater China once said: “Zhang Zilin is the iconic representation of Chinese beauty, both her image and temperament fit in Swarovski well, and so she deserves to be Swarovski’s watch ambassador in Greater China.”

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