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Oscar De la Renta Fashion House

Sep.10, 2011

“I want to get into ready to wear, that’s where the money is”.

Oscar De la Renta.

Oscar Aristides Renta was born in Dominican Republic in town of Santo Domingo. His mother was Dominican and father Puerto Rican. At the age of eighteen he went to Spain to graduate from the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid as a painter.

The world of high fashion quickly caught him in its net and soon Oscar was proposed to sketch for leading fashion houses of Spain. This challenge led him to the collaboration with the Spanish most renowned couture – Cristóbal Balenciaga. But despite of the flattering proposal Oscar De la Renta left Spain for the fashion capital – Paris, where he became Lanvin couture assistant of Antonio Castillo. Read More »

Yves Saint Laurent fashion house

Mar.27, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent fashion house is a symbol of French couture. The history of this brand takes start in early sixties of the past century. In 1962 the first YSL collection, inspired by national costumes of different nations, was released.

YSL gave life to many fashion trends, such as beatnik look. This company made tight pants, high boots and safari jackets attributes of style and good taste in 60s and 70s.

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Couture New York Fashion week 2011 Review

Feb.25, 2011

New York Fashion week attracts fashion admires since 2003. The event, as usual, will take place in luxury Waldorf Astoria, Manhattan, starting from February, 18. The shows will last for 3 days, tickets price starts from general $40 per one up to $4,000 for VIP’s. The best distinction of Couture New York Fashion week 2011 from even more famous in the world Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is the availability of the tickets for public. So if you are not the one of chosen to attend MB shows, you can easily get a ticket to join marvelous Couture New York fashion week events. Read More »

Versace fashion house

Feb.01, 2011

It is difficult to imagine a man even the most distant from the fashion, which would have never heard about one of the most iconic and legendary among fashion houses – Versace SpA, or simply Versace.

This company was founded in 1978 and was originally conceived as a company selling fine and rare fabrics. However, after six months on the Via della Spiga the first branded boutique with dresses which were invented and sewed by founder of the company – Gianni Versace, was opened in Milan. Design and cut dresses were much differed from those that were adopted in the fashion world at the moment, and shop instantly became very popular not only among the Italian elite, but among ordinary shoppers. Read More »

Pink Sparkle POP – the New Fragrance from Kylie Minogue

Jan.28, 2011

In February 2011 the smell from the Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue will join many other flavors by celebrities. Perfume is called Pink Sparkle POP, it largely repeats the previous edition Pink Sparkle (a form of perfume bottles and some shades). They are distinguished by color of the glass of the vessel. Read More »

Models of the Past vs Modern Models

Jul.27, 2010

One of our readers asked recently about her sister who was a model of Givenchy. Of course it is very hard to find now some rare photos, especially when models were not world known.

But I did like this topic and decided to compare some modern models with the models of the past century. All we know that a new one is once forgotten, so looking at the modern models you would recognize the features and style of the old guard.

Nevertheless contemporary beauty standards differ from the past years etalons. Blonds or dark-haired, blue-eyed or burning brown – all the models have the one and only peculiarity that brings them to the fashion height. Read More »

Choosing Glam Gloves Summer 2010 – Fashion Tips

Jul.09, 2010

To throw down the gauntlet to the summer heat!

Summer… It’s so damn hot here! But you know that for a real it-girl it is important to stay in full glam even in that hellish heat. That is why we declare war on the summer heat. And among our best soldiers would be chic and glam gloves summer 2010.

A glove (in Old English “glof”) is a garment covering the hand. Gloves protect and comfort hands against cold or heat, damage by friction, abrasion or chemicals, and disease; or in turn to provide a guard for what a bare hand should not touch. But for the most fashionistas wearing gloves is just another way to make oneself known. Read More »

Angelina Jolie’s Wearing Style

Nov.01, 2009

angelina_jolieAngelina Jolie a working mom of 5, no 6 kids, who does not always have the time to prepare homemade goodies, do the daily laundering, cleaning and all the work about the house. But one and may be the most important women’s duty she routines with real accuracy – being a woman of a perfect wearing style.

This means having a taste and change images each time it is needed not forgetting about your personal style. So to feel Jolie’s style better and to find some new motives for you own challenges see the main features of Angelina Jolie’s wardrobe. Read More »

Fashion Super Model Diet

Oct.30, 2009


Ok, Ladies. Now tell me who of you ever dreamed of supple body, slim legs, springy funny and lofty breast – in other words perfect feet? I bet practically each of you. But, if nature meant some model characteristics it is time just to take it like all the world famous fashion models do!

Here are models practical nutrition advices that save fashion icons every time they needed to loose weight in a short term before VICatwalk. Read More »