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What to wear to a New Year 2012 Party

Dec.06, 2011

And again New year. And again the question: What to wear to a New Year 2012 party? In a sense it is very hard to give a right one-box advice for each and every girl, cause all girls are unique. But in this article I’ll try to find some nice New Year 2012 trends for the beat night out wear.

First of all goes a black dress. This is a really multipurpose womenswear. Weddings, funerals, cocktail parties, dates, meetings, corporate parties – all these fits the little black dress, which can make you a goddess of fine shape. To mind the only exception is a family dinner (espesially with your boyfriend’s parents) where people want to see you warm and fuzzy but not a femme fatale. Chose this gorgeous dress for New Year 2012 party and don’t forget to put on some eye-catching jewelry in the palette like that. Read More »

Celebrities and Tiffany & Co jewelry on the Red Carpet

Jun.10, 2011

It goes without saying that Tiffany & Co jewelry is worldwide famous brand. Its production is worn by many representatives of the highest society: movie stars, fashion models, musicians, athletes and women of achievement.

This creative design is the better way to underline your own style and solvency. No means of measure can define its incredible awesomeness. You can’t even imagine how astonished you will feel when you enter this marvelous shop. Only extremely majestic products are being sold at Tiffany & Co jewelry shops. Tiffany & Co jewelry could inconceivably add glamour and luxury to you, especially on the Red Carpet. Read More »

NOir Jewelry New Year Collection

Dec.28, 2010

Do you love comics as much as nOir Jewelry does? Outrageous jewelry brand provokes surprising again. NOir Jewelry in conjunction with DC Comics created an amazing New Year collection of jewelry.

Brand NOir Jewelry was created 15 years ago.

Designer Leeora Catalan is a director and founder of the label nOir jewelry. She brought up her unique style and received the name of a fashion stylist thanks to training at Ralph Lauren and Oscar De La Renta. Fourteen years ago, she founded her personal production company jewelry nOir jewelry. The company is conveniently located at 350 West 38th Street, New York. Read More »

How to Choose the Right Ring

Mar.19, 2010

How to Choose the Right RingRing is a symbol of eternity and true everlasting love. That is why women are dreaming to wear that sacred ring since their childhood. I say ring, not other jewelry.

But not every ring’s form and design suits your fingers. Some can be really ugly on your fingers so that could make you thing something wrong with your fingers. On the contrary, other rings bring the effect of long and gorgeous fingers to your not ideal finger form.

Now, ladies, smile! The secret of an ideal ring for your finger was found by our fashion experts! Studying the most common finger types our experts stand out matching designs of rings in terms of finger size and length. Read More »

Tiffany & Co Christmas Collection

Dec.29, 2009

tiffany-christmas-tree-accent_lamp tiffany-christmas-51

Tiffany & Co is an old jewelry company, established in 1837. The base of its heritage is quality and craftsmanship that made the company a world-premier jeweler.

Renowned for its diamond authority, Tiffany & Co continues as fashion’s arbiter with designs of legendary style introducing new Tiffany & Co Christmas Collection that reveals Jewelry Company in its truest light. Read More »

What to Wear at the Evening Party

Nov.09, 2009


Every woman, teen and even girl dreams of a fairy evening party to show all her perfect bright in glamour evening dress. And of course there arise a lot of question like:

  • what evening dress to choose?
  • do the evening shoes suit the chosen evening dress?
  • what evening jewels are better: pearl evening jewels or fashion jewels? and so on…

Our experts care for you and that is why they decided to give you exclusive advices what to wear on your  3 VIParties that usually happens once a life and you wish them to be perfect: Cocktail evening party with friends and dances, Prom Ball, Romantic evening with you beloved. Read More »