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Latest winter dress fashions in the UK

Jan.26, 2012

Latest winter dress fashions in the UK

The bleak winter weather in the UK can do nothing to dampen the spirits of a true fashionista. Dresses are as essential this winter as they were during the summer. Accessories may be a little more wintry, such as thick patterned tights, leggings, coats, hats and scarves and the dresses themselves maybe made from thicker, more hardwearing material, but the same fundamentals are the same: dresses are sexy, sassy, stylish and most importantly, wearable.  Read More »

Weird Dresses 2011

Oct.12, 2011

We all know Lady Gaga for her queer get-up. And I am sure every time you see her in one of these weird dresses 2011 you ask yourself if you are ready to wear something like that. For the majority of women this is not acceptable. All these rump steaks, extremely low cuts, red laces and thorns, latex and panties are hot things. But of course there are brave women who like spotlight.

Are you going to party this Wednesday? Or you are fond of funny jokes on dating and are eager to play your partner up? Dinner with parents or boring prom? For those, who is going to knock off s spots Lady Gaga I suggest to read this article and find some geek ideas for your weird dresses 2011. Read More »

Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress – in Firm Hands

Mar.09, 2011

The British designer, Sarah Burton, have been honored to make the design of the Kate Middleton’s wedding dress. So the style of the bride of Prince William will be in responsibility of McQueen fashion house. It is officially claimed in mass media.

The new creative director of the Alexander McQueen luxury house is going to help Kate Middleton to find her own style for the big event. After McQueen suicide about a year ago, Sarah Burton is taking over his duties. They had been working together for almost 14 years before his death. Read More »

Beyonce Wearing Style

Jan.20, 2011

Beyonce Knowles is one of the most brilliant singers of American showbiz. Her curvy figure, beauty and great voice dement millions of fans. However, it is considered that she is the most stylish diva. Disputes over the fact are that she does not know how to dress. I have never heard of it. I would like to dedicate this publication to the star style of Beyonce and propose to consider Beyonce wearing style. Read More »

Katy Perry Sets the Fashion in Latex Clothing

Jan.07, 2011

In the world of showbiz each new star strives to stand out from more experienced colleagues, and therefore tries to invent the own unique style. Typically, the emphasis is on clothes, hair and makeup.

Katy Perry promptly burst into the music industry and won the hearts of fans around the world through her music and bright colorful show that accompanies any of her performance. Read More »

Tyra Banks’s Wearing Style

Oct.13, 2010

This is not a secret that Tyra Banks has become a fashion icon for many women, both afro-americans and white. Her perfect wearing style, intuition and taste help her to combine clothes in a right way and to look fabulous.

She is not simply a model; she is an excellent actress, who makes even boring dress look brilliant on her body. The root of this lies in her attitude towards life, wearing style and of course in skillful impersonation. The last is the most important, as this is the main quality of a real model – to make dress talk! Read More »

Classic Fashion Fall-Winter 2009-2010

Nov.15, 2009


Donna Karan, Helmut Lang, Jil Sander

Narciso Rodriguez, Rick Owens, Roland Mouret, Stella McCartney, Yves Saint Laurent

This season fashion catwalks turn into big company offices. And it is not surprising, cause Armani classic fashion style is still alive.

The office dress-code prevails during the fashion shows 2010. Thus Classic Fashion Fall-Winter 2009-2010 found height of fashion.

Most designers presented classic fashion collections consisting of demure blouses, laconic pencil skirts, business suits and straight clean lined dresses. Minimalism of 90’s returns with Classic Fashion Fall-Winter 2009-2010 Collection. Read More »

Angelina Jolie’s Wearing Style

Nov.01, 2009

angelina_jolieAngelina Jolie a working mom of 5, no 6 kids, who does not always have the time to prepare homemade goodies, do the daily laundering, cleaning and all the work about the house. But one and may be the most important women’s duty she routines with real accuracy – being a woman of a perfect wearing style.

This means having a taste and change images each time it is needed not forgetting about your personal style. So to feel Jolie’s style better and to find some new motives for you own challenges see the main features of Angelina Jolie’s wardrobe. Read More »