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Keira Knightley wearing style

Nov.23, 2011


We all know Keira Knightley to wear gorgeous corsets and tightly laced dresses on the TV screen. But in her daily life Keira Knightley wearing style is different. I can characterize her style as modest. This Parisian tomboy prefers understated boots and slouchy calottes.

She is ready to color experiments and mix sober blue, gray and beige with some bright red accent and occasional pattern. Keira Knightley wearing style is not the same copy from the latest catwalk’s trends. This actress gets to the root both of her roles in movies and in wearing style. She bravely combines textures, styles (classic with modern) and moods. Read More »

Kate Hudson on “Something Borrowed” Premiere – baby bump on the Red carpet

May.06, 2011

Kate Hudson was “hardly spotted” at “Something Borrowed” Premiere which took place on the 3 May in Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Did Katy borrow her own man? No, don’t think so. Kate and Matthew Bellamy are said to be engaged. And her baby bump is a real confirmation to this fact.

Kate Hudson on “Something Borrowed” Premiere wore very nice and feminine yellow Valentino gown, which perfectly suited her, accentuating Kate’s charming 8-monthes old baby bump. All at once, Kate Hudson on “Something Borrowed” Premiere resembled the Sun – yellow, round and… glowing! Read More »

Natalie Portman wearing style

Mar.07, 2011

Natalie Portman is definitely one of today’s most talented actresses. Millions of people all around the world admire her classic beauty, charisma and perfect sense of style. Whatever Natalie Portman is dressed in, she always looks elegant, graceful, feminine and at the same time, very natural. Read More »

Gwen Stefani’s New polish brand LAMB

Feb.27, 2011

New York Fashion week gave a new vision of Gwen Stefani’s brand LAMB. After chic rocker clothes she offered, Gwen turned to other fields of designers creativity. She divided her line in six sections, each of those gave much more to public than it could expect. She explained in the interview that it is the one collection. Read More »

Beyonce Wearing Style

Jan.20, 2011

Beyonce Knowles is one of the most brilliant singers of American showbiz. Her curvy figure, beauty and great voice dement millions of fans. However, it is considered that she is the most stylish diva. Disputes over the fact are that she does not know how to dress. I have never heard of it. I would like to dedicate this publication to the star style of Beyonce and propose to consider Beyonce wearing style. Read More »

Angelina Jolie Will Develop a Jewelry Collection

Dec.23, 2010

Angelina Jolie is an actress, stage director, Goodwill Ambassador and finally, an exemplary mother and a role model for thousands of women around the world. She decided to broaden her interests and began jewelry business. Co-authored with Robert Prokop, the owner of the eponymous house, she will develop a collection of jewelry with precious stones.

In fact, cooperation of the jeweler and famous actress began even earlier: Prokop has created several jewelry pieces for actress Angelina Jolie, many of them she demonstrated during a promotional tour of the film Salt .Incidentally in the Tourist” Angelina also shines in Robert Procop jewelry. Read More »

Giorgio Armani Sews Costumes for Lady Gaga

Dec.13, 2010

Giorgio Armani was chosen as an official designer of the cult singer Lady Gaga for her upcoming world tour «Monster Ball Tour». The Italian designer, who became the author of a memorable dress-designer, presented by the singer at the ceremony Grammy music awards 2010, will create for Gaga more than a dozen original outfits.

As a rule, Giorgio Armani does not create outfits for some specific person (e.g. Cate Blanchett, Michelle Pfeiffer chose dresses from the collection of the designer), but Lady Gaga is a special case. Read More »

Jennifer Lopez a New Face of L’Oreal

Dec.09, 2010

Jennifer Lopez has signed a promotional contract with cosmetics giant L’Oreal. In the new season, a person from Latin America, singer and actress will decorate the colorful billboards all over the world and the pages of glossy magazines.

By the way, advertising clip with Jennifer Lopez will be available in January 2011, and print ads with Jennifer will debut in the February glamorous.  The advertising format will change quite dramatically. Jennifer Lopez will be the first star, who will tell consumers about the product “on my own in my own words”. According to L’Oreal advertising will become more trustworthy, and thus would enhance the mass consumption. Read More »

Tyra Banks’s Wearing Style

Oct.13, 2010

This is not a secret that Tyra Banks has become a fashion icon for many women, both afro-americans and white. Her perfect wearing style, intuition and taste help her to combine clothes in a right way and to look fabulous.

She is not simply a model; she is an excellent actress, who makes even boring dress look brilliant on her body. The root of this lies in her attitude towards life, wearing style and of course in skillful impersonation. The last is the most important, as this is the main quality of a real model – to make dress talk! Read More »

Julia Roberts makes $50 million deal with Lancome

Sep.26, 2010

Lancome and Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is one of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood. Now she is In January this year she was named as the face of luxury beauty brand Lancome. The Lancome are making a big success since Julia Roberts came on board and that’s why they proposed her a $50 million deal for further 5 years. According to experts Lancome made profit of $100 million since she joined the and they are delighted with her and with new agreement they are going to beat this record. Read More »

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