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Charlize Theron covers July’s 2012 Easy Living magazine

Jun.11, 2012

Charlize Theron covers July's 2012 Easy Living magazine

A world-famous South African actress Charlize Theron has appeared on the Easy Living magazine cover, July 2012 edition. Looking as gorgeous as ever, the 36-year old actress glows in front of the camera lenses of a celebrity photographer Tom Munro. At the same time, she chats with the magazine about different vital problems, such as aging, friendship and love, her adopted son Jackson and else.

No wonder that all celebrities look fine on fashion magazine covers, but the truth is that aging is merciless and Charlize Theron confesses that she has also been affected by this process, as anyone else. She also says that the key to good shape is a constant work-out and there is no other way. Even though the actress complains to have gained some excessive weight, you can see that she has still got an impeccable physique, which is not the result of fine genes but quite a lot of sports. Read More »

Kanye West’s designing Debut – Let Rap come to Paris Fashion Week

Oct.04, 2011

We all know Kanye West as a rap star. But one more talent was added recently to his talent box. Yo, listen everybody! Kanye West’s designing debut was staged on the 2nd October at an off-calendar event of Paris Fashion Week.

It seems that Kanye West got tired of a mere fashion show attendance. Thus he decided to play an active role in the fashion world. May be this experience would be continued, as Kanye’s debut within off-calendar Paris Fashion Week was seen by the Vogue journal editor Anna Wintour. Read More »

Celebrities and Tiffany & Co jewelry on the Red Carpet

Jun.10, 2011

It goes without saying that Tiffany & Co jewelry is worldwide famous brand. Its production is worn by many representatives of the highest society: movie stars, fashion models, musicians, athletes and women of achievement.

This creative design is the better way to underline your own style and solvency. No means of measure can define its incredible awesomeness. You can’t even imagine how astonished you will feel when you enter this marvelous shop. Only extremely majestic products are being sold at Tiffany & Co jewelry shops. Tiffany & Co jewelry could inconceivably add glamour and luxury to you, especially on the Red Carpet. Read More »

Angelina Jolie Will Develop a Jewelry Collection

Dec.23, 2010

Angelina Jolie is an actress, stage director, Goodwill Ambassador and finally, an exemplary mother and a role model for thousands of women around the world. She decided to broaden her interests and began jewelry business. Co-authored with Robert Prokop, the owner of the eponymous house, she will develop a collection of jewelry with precious stones.

In fact, cooperation of the jeweler and famous actress began even earlier: Prokop has created several jewelry pieces for actress Angelina Jolie, many of them she demonstrated during a promotional tour of the film Salt .Incidentally in the Tourist” Angelina also shines in Robert Procop jewelry. Read More »

Chanel Rouge Coco – a Lipstick for This Winter

Dec.21, 2010

Lipstick – is one of the most important means of decorative cosmetics in the arsenal of any woman. Fortunately cosmetic companies do not get tired to please us with new inventions – lipsticks that have a unique color, wonderful aroma, original design and many useful substances that can prolong the beauty and youth of our province. Read More »

“Mad Men” Star January Jones Has Become the New Face of Versace

Dec.20, 2010

Star of the episode “Mad Men” – actress January Jones was announced the new face of fashion brand Versace.
Donatella Versace, who is a famous fan of American television, seems to be obsessed with the episode “Mad Men”.
Actress January Jones, who plays Betty in the TV series “Mad Men” and the favorite of America, accepted the offer of the head of fashion house Versace Donatella Versace to become the face of a new advertising campaign. The girl had already participated in a photo shoot, she posed for famous photographer Mario Testino. Read More »

Giorgio Armani Sews Costumes for Lady Gaga

Dec.13, 2010

Giorgio Armani was chosen as an official designer of the cult singer Lady Gaga for her upcoming world tour «Monster Ball Tour». The Italian designer, who became the author of a memorable dress-designer, presented by the singer at the ceremony Grammy music awards 2010, will create for Gaga more than a dozen original outfits.

As a rule, Giorgio Armani does not create outfits for some specific person (e.g. Cate Blanchett, Michelle Pfeiffer chose dresses from the collection of the designer), but Lady Gaga is a special case. Read More »

The best celebrity hair styles

Aug.12, 2010

The best celebrity hair stylesIt is really very difficult to be a Hollywood star. As you are in a center of attention every day, you must look very attractive. Your clothes and especially hairstyle should be unique. There is a great number of modern celebrity hair styles, which are very popular among ladies from high circles of society. The one of the easiest ways of creating good image is to make a formal hairstyle. It suits just every woman as it is quite simple to show off your beauty and class. But formal style can’t be always useful and attractive there are many different ways to achieve success. Look at the list of the best celebrity hair styles. Read More »