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Calvin Klein RTW Collection 2013 at New York fashion week

Sep.15, 2012

Calvin Klein Collection 2013 at New York fashion week

The new Calvin Klein’s Spring collection 2013 from Francisco Costa was shown at New York fashion week and it was the great final of the occasion. The couturier says about this set that it has erotic style and saves impressions from both seasons – autumn and spring. Also it reminded some details from Carolyn Bessette Kennedy or Carsten Nicolai and even something from the outer look of the elegant cars. So we see the beauty and the refinement together here and it’s more than just a pin-up style for sure.

The first dress of Calvin Klein’s collection was made from the satin and its black color and silver fringe on outlines looked so rich. The designer skillfully focused all attention to the décolleté even if he doesn’t use loud flashy details for such an effect. Though sir Costa doesn’t ignore other nuances that can emphasize attractiveness of the dress owner. Read More »

Calvin Klein limited edition collection for Macy’s

Apr.05, 2012

Calvin Klein limited edition collection for Macy's

In the next month creative director of world famous brand Calvin Klein’s Francisco Costa will release a new limited collection of clothes specifically for the network of department stores Macy’s. This is the first collection for the Brazilian designer, in which clothes will be in a price range $135-180. In the spring of this year Macy’s lunching a new project “A Magical Journey to Brazil“. Also, part of the money that you will be receiving for these sales will go to Amazon Rainforest fund.

Francisco Costa is very proud and pleased to collaborate with Macy’s. In his collection Costa combined the freshness, lightness and youthfulness with traditional style of Calvin Klein. Endless summer, ease and bright prints are reflected in the collections of the Costa. Inspiration to create this collection was the Brazil’s magic sunset and the Brazilian modern architecture. Read More »

Calvin Klein Collection 2011 – Video beyond the Traditions

Jan.26, 2011

Calvin Klein – is one of the leading, fashion design studios in the world. The company produces men’s and women’s designer collections and a range of other goods that are produced and distributed worldwide.

Until today, Calvin Klein used traditional advertising photoset of fashion industry for advertising of his main line. Read More »

Calvin Klein Fashion House

Nov.07, 2010

Calvin Klein is doubtlessly one of the most respected fashion brands, which stays in the spotlight for over the four decades.

Calvin Klein fashion house

The history of Calvin Klein Fashion House started back in the 1968 with the coat shop in the New York city. The story goes that the buyer form fashionable women’s apparel store walked into the Calvin Klein’s shop by mistake and in a week made the 50 thousand dollar deal with Calvin Klein. Within a year Mr. Klein appeared on the cover of Vouge magazine and by the end of 1970’s his annual income reached 8,5 million dollar point.

Calvin Klein Fashion House is known for its controversial advertising campaigns, featuring Brooke Shields, Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss. Read More »