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Chocoholicks 2011 by Jane Iredale – Choco lipgloss set

Dec.28, 2011

Girls adore chocolate. This is an axiom. I know that chocolate can be deep brown when it is a dark bar, or light-brown when it is milk chocolate. The thing girls dream about is how to wear it on the lips?  When I was a little girl I used to cover my lips with choco bar while eating it. And then I always looked at the mirror to check the result. Seems that Jane Iredale cosmetic designer did the same. In 2009 she has created Choco lipgloss set. And now she presents new Chocoholicks 2011 by Jane Iredale for the coming 2012 year. Read More »

Paul & Joe Over the Moon lipstick collection

Jun.28, 2011

Are you man about cat? I am sure this is it. Because many men compare girls with kitty and that is why women try to resemble this gorgeous animal. Paul & Joe has also prepared a cute surprise for the girls – Paul & Joe Over the Moon lipstick collection.

All the pieces of the Paul & Joe Over the Moon lipstick collection have the kitty head shape. This cool and a bit freaky decision made Paul & Joe Over the Moon lipstick collection very popular. Read More »

Hamilton Lipstick Watch for Ladies- Try on the Time

Mar.01, 2011

New form for the timepiece is coming in 2011 from Hamilton. It is interesting concept to insert a watch into lipstick. The idea sounds really cool and creative. From the first sight, when you see a watch case outside of lipstick tube is made from metal. If you twist the cylinder it will show you the second time zone. The movement of the watch is high quality Swiss quartz. Read More »

Chanel Rouge Coco – a Lipstick for This Winter

Dec.21, 2010

Lipstick – is one of the most important means of decorative cosmetics in the arsenal of any woman. Fortunately cosmetic companies do not get tired to please us with new inventions – lipsticks that have a unique color, wonderful aroma, original design and many useful substances that can prolong the beauty and youth of our province. Read More »

Napoleon DeVine Goddess Lipstick – Makes You Feel Divinely

May.20, 2010

If you want to feel yourself divinely try the Napoleon DeVine Goddess Lipstick. These chic shades with herbal extracts and antioxidants formulated with nourishing botanicals are created to keep your lips healthy, conditioned and soft while wrapping them in richly pigmented color.

If you are searching for easy glide, staying put for long-lasting and non-drying wear effect – DeVine Goddess lipstick is what you need! Napoleon DeVine Goddess Lipstick signature series, inspired by the ultimate expression of mythological beauty, symbolizes the modern notion of girl power in ‘Goddess’ expression on your lips. Read More »

Supermodels Beauty Tips

Jan.13, 2010


Ideal appearance, soft fairy skin, kempt hair and nails, all this is a supermodel daily work. And the more gorgeous she looks the more money she gets. So the best way to learn looking $1 000 000 is to ask a supermodel a couple of beauty tips.

Luckily, the majority of them are eager to share exclusive supermodels beauty tips. So check the way to look always perfect below! Read More »

Most Paid Serbian Fashion Model Lips

Nov.07, 2009


The major Serbian models are known for their beautiful full, sensual lips. Their lips became the real trademark of the Balkan country and are highly valued by world model agencies.

Now let’s run through the most paid Serbian lips and their fashion models masters. Read More »