5 simple things you need to know to lose weight every day

Oct.21, 2011

5 simple things you need to know to lose weight every day

When it comes to the question on how to lose weight there are a lot of different diets and techniques to solve this problem. The best way to lose weight is to add some simple weight loss strategies to your daily routine. Reconsider your usual diet, find out which of the recipes help you lose some calories without any effort. There are some obvious factors which might help to drop more calories than expected, among them hunger, boredom or frustration and some others. The list of the the below-mentioned how-to-lose-weight techniques will let you rationalize your busy schedule losing some extra pounds and most importantly without torturing yourself and following poignant restrictive diets. Read More »

Creating your Jewelry Style with JewelMint

Oct.19, 2011

In recent article I described one interesting web-site which I’ve found. The site Stylemint.com gives an online stylist’s consultation what clothes suit better your personal style. Nice idea which really helps to save time, especially if you are on a hurry to prepare get up for the nights out.

Creating your Jewelry Style with JewelMint

But a good evening party is impossible without right jewelry. And there are a lot of women who like to put on jewelry simply going out to have a little fun with girlfriends, drinking beer or even making daily purchase. If want to know what jewelry is in style today and what jewelry fits your style then JewelMint will help you. Read More »

Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli to be exhibited at Metropolitan Costume Institue 2012

Oct.17, 2011

In 2012 Metropolitan Costume Institue will exhibit the result of the two fashion designers’ work – Miuccia Prada and Elsa Schiaparelli. It doesn’t matter if Miuccia is not a feminist. Both Italian, both very strong and with a very strong aesthetic, the two women reflect the most the contemporary woman and woman of the last century. Read More »

Tights trends 2011-2012

Oct.14, 2011

Tights are the one and to my mind the only element of the women’s wardrobe which can serve for tempting during the cold weather (if it is possible, of course). And I really can prove you that, using tights trends 2011-2012. Just imagine a girl working down the snowy street. Her hands are red, her nose is red too, and eyes (if you can see then through her scarf) are full with tears because of the wind. The poor thing wears down parka, heelless boots on a solid bottom…Not so sexy, agree? Read More »

How about Finding Your Personal Style with Olsen’s?

Oct.12, 2011

Talented turned-designers Olsen sisters gave birth to the new project – StyleMint. StyleMint is not just an online shopping, but a service of an instant online stylist, who is helping you to make best cloth choices according to your personal style! Isn’t it a wonderful idea?

Registering on a web-site as a new member or just entering your Facebook login you get the opportunity to save your precious time. You ask me how? You’ll be proposed to answer simple and somehow funny 17 questions, asked by your personal online stylist. Each question has 3 variant answers to make the procedure faster. Your FashionJane expert answered the all to get my personal cloth choice on stylemint.com. See them all below. Read More »

Weird Dresses 2011

Oct.12, 2011

We all know Lady Gaga for her queer get-up. And I am sure every time you see her in one of these weird dresses 2011 you ask yourself if you are ready to wear something like that. For the majority of women this is not acceptable. All these rump steaks, extremely low cuts, red laces and thorns, latex and panties are hot things. But of course there are brave women who like spotlight.

Are you going to party this Wednesday? Or you are fond of funny jokes on dating and are eager to play your partner up? Dinner with parents or boring prom? For those, who is going to knock off s spots Lady Gaga I suggest to read this article and find some geek ideas for your weird dresses 2011. Read More »

Handbag Trends 2012 season

Oct.10, 2011

The it-girl is unimaginable without a handbag. This is not a question but a statement. So our fashion experts have made their job to prepare handbag trends 2012 season for you. You’ll find out all the keys of a right handbag 2012 season in thus article. But let me tell you that the most important element of the 2012 season is the form.

Thus we’ll speak about the handbag trends 2012 season forms according to the famous fashion houses. Their ideas can be useful for you when going to shopping next weekend. Thus check the most fashionable tendencies of handbag 2012 season. Read More »

Business Clothing for Men – Men Fashion Tips

Oct.08, 2011

Dress speak for men

Modern lifestyle press people everyday. Especially if you are working in a busy center, always have a lack of time for coming to work and getting dressed, even sleeping and eating. Thus the majority of working businessmen have to economize their time to succeed in everything wanted. Some economize on sleeping, some – on eating or taking sports. But economize on business clothing for men is a bad idea. As first impression you make is the most everlasting. Read More »

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012 at Paris Fashion Week

Oct.07, 2011

Since Kate Middleton’s wedding Sarah Burton (the after-death Alexander McQueen fashion house creative director) set about gardening and presented the new cabbage-inspired Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012 at Paris Fashion Week.

Feminine woman dressed in a lot of ruche and frilling pale beige and pink, nude, cabbage-form frilling on skirts, cabbage-texture and cabbage-print dresses – that is all Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012. Aged gold color costumes give the special medieval chic to the collection – the Alexander McQueen’s calling card. Read More »

Chanel Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012 at Paris Fashion Week

Oct.06, 2011

Seems Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t wait much sun from this spring season. As Chanel Spring/Summer Collection 2012 was rather snowy. There were a lot of white, pale palette and just modest black and light-pink, trying to get out of that snow.

Surprising himself and all the critics, Karl presented chanel spring collection 2012 under the Florence Welch’s incredible accompaniment. By the way, she sang live. Read More »

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