Chocoholicks 2011 by Jane Iredale – Choco lipgloss set

Dec.28, 2011

Girls adore chocolate. This is an axiom. I know that chocolate can be deep brown when it is a dark bar, or light-brown when it is milk chocolate. The thing girls dream about is how to wear it on the lips?  When I was a little girl I used to cover my lips with choco bar while eating it. And then I always looked at the mirror to check the result. Seems that Jane Iredale cosmetic designer did the same. In 2009 she has created Choco lipgloss set. And now she presents new Chocoholicks 2011 by Jane Iredale for the coming 2012 year. Read More »

Welcome Alice Dellal – New Face of Boy Chanel

Dec.22, 2011

It seems to me that Karl Lagerfeld has tired of Chanel’s eternal feminine. I am not saying this style has become out-fashioned for Chanel fashion house. But the new time needs new models. So recently model and musician Alice Dellal was confirmed as the new face of Boy Chanel handbags campaign.

The new Boy Chanel handbags line appeals to a young, bold, a bit crazy and reckless girl. She doesn’t deny feminine standards at all, but has her own vision on sexuality. Thus a drummer in Thrush Metal Alice Dellal perfectly suits for the front face of a brand’s handbags campaign. This girl was always seen wearing heavy black eyeliner in make up, fishnet tights or ripped jeans, as well as typical biker jackets. The young lady has a classic biker style. Read More »

Fashion color 2012

Dec.14, 2011


Tangerine or orangeade, or simply orange, sometimes called tangerine tango – remember this color because coming year has found its fashion color 2012. Orange fashion color is the most preferable color in many different industries: fashion and beauty, home and gardening as well. Read More »

Women swimwear trends 2012

Dec.12, 2011

Women are so unpredictable. In the summer time we dream of a cold winter evening near the fireplace, about skiing in the mountains and hot sauna, and on the contrary during the winter we want to bathe in the sea having ideal tan and enjoying ourselves and our perfect shape in a gorgeous women swimwear2012. Read More »

What to wear to a New Year 2012 Party

Dec.06, 2011

And again New year. And again the question: What to wear to a New Year 2012 party? In a sense it is very hard to give a right one-box advice for each and every girl, cause all girls are unique. But in this article I’ll try to find some nice New Year 2012 trends for the beat night out wear.

First of all goes a black dress. This is a really multipurpose womenswear. Weddings, funerals, cocktail parties, dates, meetings, corporate parties – all these fits the little black dress, which can make you a goddess of fine shape. To mind the only exception is a family dinner (espesially with your boyfriend’s parents) where people want to see you warm and fuzzy but not a femme fatale. Chose this gorgeous dress for New Year 2012 party and don’t forget to put on some eye-catching jewelry in the palette like that. Read More »

Victoria Secrets fashion show 2011 – the Most Expensive since 1995.

Dec.01, 2011


On the 29th of November 2011 the city of London received Victoria Secrets fashion show 2011. The show turned to be the most expensive since 1995. The cost was announced – 12 million dollars, 2 of which were spent on Swarovski crystals.

But these are not the final figures. During the Victoria Secrets fashion show 2011 Miranda Kerr (the main Australian Victoria’s Angel) demonstrated the most expensive women’s bra. It was 2.5million dollars seagreen Fantasy Bra, decorated with 3 400 gems: 142-carat white and yellow diamonds, aquamarines and pearls, as well as citrines. Read More »

EyeEnvy new ColorON Eyeshadows – Revolution in shadow applying

Nov.29, 2011

You have no experience or sense in applying eye shades? Relax and forget about it! EyeEnvy presented new unique ColorON shadows. The system of applying is the most revolutionary thing about the EyeEnvy new ColorON Eyeshadows. The instant eyeshadow applicator allows to fully apply the shadow on your eyelid. That’s why you can save the time while going out for a night or wherever. Read More »

Keira Knightley wearing style

Nov.23, 2011


We all know Keira Knightley to wear gorgeous corsets and tightly laced dresses on the TV screen. But in her daily life Keira Knightley wearing style is different. I can characterize her style as modest. This Parisian tomboy prefers understated boots and slouchy calottes.

She is ready to color experiments and mix sober blue, gray and beige with some bright red accent and occasional pattern. Keira Knightley wearing style is not the same copy from the latest catwalk’s trends. This actress gets to the root both of her roles in movies and in wearing style. She bravely combines textures, styles (classic with modern) and moods. Read More »

Today’s Top fashion designers

Nov.21, 2011

Hi, girls. As you know I have a special category called “Fashion brands” on our blog. In this category I recite about prominent contemporary, emerging designers and titans of the 20th century. But this time I’m going to make some quintessence and tell you about top fashion designers.

Many people asked Dolce and Gabbana, Miuccia Prada, Hubert de Givenchy and Coco Chanel how did they decide to become a fashion designer. Really it is very hard to answer. It’s just the same as why did you decide to breath. Hard to answer, isn’t it? Read More »

Islamic Fashion Festival – the charm of the Orient

Nov.18, 2011

After holding shows abroad the 19th Islamic Fashion Festival named ‘Oriental Charm’ was opened on the 14 November 2011 in Kuala Lumpur. It is the first festival after a long period since 2006. The Islamic Fashion Festival 2011 will run for 5 days until 18th of November. According to the festive program fourteen fashion shows will be hold, 10 of which – in aid of charity. About sixty foreign and local designers will present their collection to the audience. Read More »

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