La Perla New Lingerie Collection 2010

Apr.27, 2010

La Perla New Lingerie Collection 2010 was presented during New York Fashion Week. The interesting fact about the collection is that it was divided into 3 themes: The La Perla Villa Toscana Line, The La Perla Studio Line, The La Perla Line.

In the La Perla New Lingerie Collection 2010 every woman will find something suitable ecpesially for her. So let’s start with the first line – The La Perla Villa Toscana. One bra and panty set was done in lilac – traditional retro color of the underwear.

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Long Dresses 2010

Apr.22, 2010

Long dress is always a mystery for every man, though as for a woman, wearing it. That is why Muslim women always wear long gown, thus withstanding competition among other wives in the harem and staying desirable for their husband.

The matter of the fact is in the concupiscence to see something under the dress, but in most cases that SOMETHING is carefully hidden. And that is the moment for your fantasy to work!

In this article our fashion experts propose to pay attention to the long dresses 2010 and to learn their mystery with the help of the top designers Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, John Galliano and Jean- Paul Gautier and their spring 2010 collections. Read More »

Milan Fashion Week – Save Our Souls

Apr.09, 2010

Fall 2010 Milan Fashion Week in Cathy Horyn’s opinion was “an eternity of bad clothes crammed into four days”. Times’ fashion critic called fall 2010 Fashion Week in Milan the organizational disaster. It is so because of the one big collapse.

Of course we all lamented the loss of Tom Ford’s  Gucci shows. But the matter of the fact is in Anna Wintour’s (the editor-in-chief of American Vogue) staying in town only for three days! This information made Milan‘s top designers like Armani or Fendi change their show times. Read More »

Animal Suits for Children by Anne Geddes

Apr.01, 2010

“Since you have a child, be ready to witness your hear beating in its chest.”

Anne Geddes

Recently I have come across the problem that some babies just HATE walking in the street! It was rather strange for me and very troublesome for their moms, as the babies began shrieking when were taken for a walk in the yard.

So I gave the work to our fashion experts to solve this problem and they did it! As usually though. They proposed to put on those funny animal suits for children when going for a walk with the naughty babies. The suit should make children love the walks as they are comfortable, absolutely natural in textile (fitting combed lam’s wool for extraordinary softness) and, that is more important, funny. Read More »

Top 8 Best Reformed Hollywood Noses

Mar.24, 2010

Nose is one of the prominent parts of our body. It can tell your nationality, social status, state of health and even your gustative preferences.

But despite of the positive qualities nose can ruin your life…if it’s form doesn’t satisfy you. Fortunately in the 21th century plastic surgery helps thousands of women every day in their race to the perfect appearance.

And if we turn to Hollywood there we can see the same picture. Many world known beauties were made with the scalpel. And get the effect – TV-shows, advertising campaigns, roles in best films and at last red-carpet pass to Oscar and NPV immediate effect. Read More »

How to Choose the Right Ring

Mar.19, 2010

How to Choose the Right RingRing is a symbol of eternity and true everlasting love. That is why women are dreaming to wear that sacred ring since their childhood. I say ring, not other jewelry.

But not every ring’s form and design suits your fingers. Some can be really ugly on your fingers so that could make you thing something wrong with your fingers. On the contrary, other rings bring the effect of long and gorgeous fingers to your not ideal finger form.

Now, ladies, smile! The secret of an ideal ring for your finger was found by our fashion experts! Studying the most common finger types our experts stand out matching designs of rings in terms of finger size and length. Read More »

Madonna Is Creating Her New Clothing Collection – Material Girl

Mar.16, 2010

lourdes-and-madonnaMadonna is said to launch her new clothing collection Material Girl. This is the second time that pop-star is going to design clothing collection. The first was in 2007, when Madonna collaborated with both Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton by fronting its’ campaigns, as well as working with high street chain H&M.

So we can say that the fashionista has enough fashion experience. Moreover, this time Madonna won’t be alone, venturing into the fashion world for designing her new clothing collection Material Girl. She will be assisted by her stylish 13-year-old daughter Lourdes. “Girls” aim to create a collection of children’s clothes for American department store Macy’s. Read More »

Rock Me! Summer of Love by Anna Sui – New Fragrance

Mar.11, 2010

anna-sui-sol-3Hi, girls! It is spring and it is 2010 and that means that… Anna Sui has launched new fragrance – Rock Me! Summer of Love by Anna Sui.

Actually the line is already available at all Anna Sui counters from 15 February 2010. But now it is the time to take it serious indeed.

Rock Me! Summer of Love by Anna Sui is the day variant of last year’s Rock Me! fragrance, that is more for a night out on the town party. It fits Anna Sui’s sort of a girl – full of energy, in love with life, adores music and cool parties!  This girl is fond of rock music, but mostly its softer indie-folk stream instead of hard-rock notes of the previous Rock Me! Anna Sui fragrance. Read More »

Best Bikini 2010

Mar.06, 2010

bikini 2010

Summer 2010 has prepared some special surprises for you. If you are interested in latest bikini trends this post is for you!

Best bikini 2010 is bandeau top bikini and maillot, monokine and tankini – different models for all figure types. Bright colors are on fashion height and this is good news for young girls. Turquoise, lavender, orange, lemon yellow, sky-blue, purple, coral, violet and green – the best colors for your bikini 2010.

If you are not a lurid color fan try ethno-print on your bikini or classic black-and-white models. Of you are planning to loose weight a little, choose single-color set for slim look. Read More »

Preggie Celebrities in Their Red-carpet Gowns

Mar.03, 2010

Actors Alyson Hannigan, Neil Patrick Harris and Cob

Pregnancy is a special period in every woman’s life. You have already found some answers to your vital questions and just got other, even more complicated.

But this is not time for you to become depressed or angry. This is the time of your glory and fame giving birth to the mankind. So you should feel yourself proud and happy. And what does a woman do feeling like million dollars? Ye, that’s right! She dresses up! Read More »

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