All are accustomed to hearing about the whims and inconstancy of women’s fashion. But nobody thinks that this characteristic is also male. It is so especially when it comes to men’s underwear. In fact, this is the case that today’s men have become active consumers of the offered goods. Fashion houses all over the world every year are more actively involved in shaping fashion trends in underwear for men. They develop new models; adapt elements of the female wardrobe. For example, in this season tights moved from the Women’s arsenal into the male wardrobes. Very unusual addition but European men are already beginning to be in high demand. It is convenient and practical. While some men will never perceive the idea as never be sleeping in the men’s pajamas.

Beautiful and practical underwear for men – it’s long have been no exception but firmly subsumed into our lives. Fashionable underwear will always be convenient, high quality and beautiful. The last criterion of beauty, like the first convenience – it’s purely subjective category, which can yield only an individual assessment. As it is known, that one is good – another absolutely not appropriate. Fortunately, modern manufacturers in promoting creative designers offer enough options, among which every man can find a suitable, “the body” and on the wallet.

If in the previous 2009 “lower” men’s fashion has literally exploded on the trend of ethnic identity, which gave rise to the light-colored set, decorated with all sorts of ornaments and trendy designs of products, the year 2010 is for quieter and more monochrome expression of designers’ imagination. Although the color theme, bringing in gray days celebration and joy, in no case have not left the fashion industry.

Keep in mind that an important requirement for men’s underwear is its environmental friendliness. A well-known Italian brand “Bruno Banani”, for example, offers a collection of shorts, 80% is cut from natural cotton that is important. Such textile innovations as seamless men underwear also will be interesting. It is also called “second skin”. It’s just unique because of its heat-saving properties, while it is completely invisible and imperceptible to the body. For these properties it is called the “invisible” or “phantom”.

Armani, Calvin Klein and Versace design houses did not refuse this year to offer a pair of three men underwear models – very brave and minimized models of the “thong” and “Tango“. The designers believe that a man with a body of Apollo simply impermissible to conceal the beautiful parts of his body.

We present you a collection of lower men’s underwear from Armani season 2010-2011 years.

Calvin Klein Men’s Underwear

Calvin Klein gave the men continued collection of underwear Calvin Klein X.

Boxers – briefs in four lines: land, water, wind and fire. Each of the models appertains to special line, which has its own color: blue, green, blue and orange.

Japanese footballer Hidetoshi Nakata presents new men’s underwear from Calvin Klein – wind, Spanish tennis player Fernando Verdasco – Water, Hollywood actors Mehkad Brooks – Fire and Kellan Lutz – land.

Versace Men’s Underwear

Versace new collection was demonstrated at Milan fashion week. This time Donatella Versace prefers romantic glam rockers and rockabilly in underwear.

Dolce & Gabbana Men’s Underwear (Fall-Winter 2010-2011)

Dolce & Gabbana collection of men’s underwear autumn / winter season is presented in rather subdued colors: color bar, blue, black, white, and gray. And of course wide strips which will keep satisfy any man.

Today men, interested in new products of underwear are not afraid to look like “nancy boys”. Therefore men’s underwear fashion will have by far a great future.

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