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Business Clothing for Men – Men Fashion Tips

Oct.08, 2011

Dress speak for men

Modern lifestyle press people everyday. Especially if you are working in a busy center, always have a lack of time for coming to work and getting dressed, even sleeping and eating. Thus the majority of working businessmen have to economize their time to succeed in everything wanted. Some economize on sleeping, some – on eating or taking sports. But economize on business clothing for men is a bad idea. As first impression you make is the most everlasting. Read More »

Men’s Jeans Trends 2012

Sep.26, 2011

Hi, guys! The new autumn is the time for new jeans. All girls are waiting for you to come in bold fashion men’s jeans 2012. So reading this informatory article is essential as you’ll find here men’s jeans trends 2012. Season 2012 is promising to be hot, simply brutal, and casually sexy. Just don’t try to hide what you have there as it would be a fashion mistake.

Our fashion experts have prepared a mini-report of the most interesting men’s jeans trends 2012 according to some fashion houses. Jeans color 2012, jeans patterns and length – main actual tendencies see below! Read More »

Mens Shoes fall-winter 2011-2012

Aug.16, 2011

Sumer is ending, fall is coming. Again and again, the eternal life circle. So, guys it is the time to think over proper footwear. And try to choose a good pear of autumn men’s shoes fall-winter 2011-2012 before the raw weather comes. And of course our fashion experts are ready to help you in finding not only comfortable but also fashionable pair of mens shoes fall-winter 2011-2012.

Beneath I got a review of the most interesting men’s shoes fall-winter 2011-2012 models from several popular fashion houses. The range is wide and full of various models: from classic to ye-ye. I tried to find these models to meet several age categories’ men’s demands. Read More »

Men’s Ties Trends 2011

Jun.16, 2011

A tie. There’s something important about this piece of clothing: no man’s wardrobe can survive without ties. It’s the so-called centerpiece of a gentleman’s collection of clothes. Men’s ties can reasonably increase the status in the society as well as decrease it. Fashion trends of new era neckties can fully represent the personality of a wearer and his ability to keep up with a chosen bluff image.

The feature people are looking for while choosing neckties today is its general quality. Mens ties trends 2011 are no exception. One of the most common delusions is that the quality necktie should be of alloyed silk only, without any patterns. But anyone used to such aberrations can easily overcome this statement. Read More »

Men’s Spring Summer 2011 Shoes trends

May.27, 2011

We haven’t talked about our dearest men for a long time. So I decided the time has come. And in this article I am at the point to tell the men about the men’s spring summer 2011 shoes trends.

Remember Elvis’s song about suede shoes? Suede shoes are this season men’s spring summer 2011 shoes trend. So now you should take Suede shoes serious. Choose the classic shape and leather color. Beige and latte brogues are in the men’s spring summer 2011 shoes trends. Read More »

Men spring fashion 2011

Apr.04, 2011

Demonstration in Milan of the main trends of men spring fashion 2011 stated a fact: we are waiting for an unforgettable journey through space and time. Ferre sends men to the eastern voyage, grown brothers Dsquared2 – to Los Angeles, the duo Dolce & Gabbana – to Sicily, and Burberry with Emporio Armani –  to perverse and unbridled 1980 …

Collection “Breakfast on the Grass» (Le dejeuner sur l’herbe) D & G‘s Metropol Theater narrate about simple joys of life. The podium was covered with grass, on the backs of scenery – the images of thick trees, and projected on the screen “home” a film about a family picnic. The basic idea – a way of life of suburban America of 50’s – polo shirts, umbrellas, retro safari, beach Relax, ladies and gentlemen, relax in clothes from D & G! Read More »

Latest Men’s Underwear Trends

Dec.24, 2010

All are accustomed to hearing about the whims and inconstancy of women’s fashion. But nobody thinks that this characteristic is also male. It is so especially when it comes to men’s underwear. In fact, this is the case that today’s men have become active consumers of the offered goods. Fashion houses all over the world every year are more actively involved in shaping fashion trends in underwear for men. They develop new models; adapt elements of the female wardrobe. For example, in this season tights moved from the Women’s arsenal into the male wardrobes. Very unusual addition but European men are already beginning to be in high demand. It is convenient and practical. While some men will never perceive the idea as never be sleeping in the men’s pajamas. Read More »

Armand Basi L’Eau Pour Homme – Recalling the Summer

Oct.15, 2010

During the juicy fall days many people have a strong desire to leave the rain in their native towns and to start for some hot countries, for sun and the SEA! Armand Basi gives you such an opportunity by launching his new men fragrance Armand Basi L’Eau Pour Homme.

Well-known perfume designer Francis Kurkdjian, famous for working with many fashion houses, was the fragrance developer. He has found his inspiration in the sea motives. Read More »

Men’s Swimwear Trends 2010

Jul.19, 2010

“People shop for a bathing suit with more care than they do a husband or wife.”
Erma Bombeck

For a man, who doesn’t want to look out of fashion on the beach it is very important to refresh the swim trunks every season. Each summer season brings new trends and you should catch a wave to correspond to men’s swimwear trends 2010.

Really the choice is huge and it’s easy to het lost inside it. So our fashion experts are ready to help the men in finding the right and cool fashion swimwear that will show the amenities of men’s figure. Read More »

Men’s Coats Spring 2010

Jan.20, 2010

The spring 2010 is near and now it is time to think about fashion men trends 2010. We propose you to start with coat as it is considered to be one of the most comfortable and hard-wearing overclothes.

Classic fashion is again on the wave of fashion men trends 2010. But all classic fashion clothes carry some peculiarity in themselves: quirky models, bright colors and original fittings, for example leather or velvet trimmings. Read More »

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