Fall 2010 Milan Fashion Week in Cathy Horyn’s opinion was “an eternity of bad clothes crammed into four days”. Times’ fashion critic called fall 2010 Fashion Week in Milan the organizational disaster. It is so because of the one big collapse.

Of course we all lamented the loss of Tom Ford’s  Gucci shows. But the matter of the fact is in Anna Wintour’s (the editor-in-chief of American Vogue) staying in town only for three days! This information made Milan‘s top designers like Armani or Fendi change their show times.

However, next season Milan’s top houses won’t stand for a 3- or 4-day Fashion Week. The united houses of Armani and Prada will accept a seven-day Fashion Week only.

The Milan bigwigs’ decision will make press and buyers stay for the whole thing. So as Giorgio Armani said the agreement demonstrates that the Italians “are perfectly able to assert [them]selves without fear.”

Prada chief Patrizio Bertelli said the decision “underlines a sense of belonging we have been afraid of losing because of recent controversies.” But the question is, will those seven forced days of Milan Fashion Week be less grumpy than four incredibly hectic ones?

It seems that the Milan Fashion Week organizers should tell everyone Tom Ford will show his womenswear there at a to-be-determined address and date, and not let him show until the end of the last day. So that it will hold the fashion people interested and make them stop growling about it.

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