Bride fashion designer Vera Wang, chinese by origin, was happy to create a wedding gown for the New York heiress and fashion jewelry designer Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka Trump’s recent wedding took place at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster, NJ and is likely to start fashion trends in bride dresses and fashion jewelry as well.grace kelly-wedding-gown

Famous fashion designer Vera Wang says that she is tired of doing strapless dresses that she was creating for 15 years. Grace Kelly gown’s imitation was like a fresh statement for her and for whole bride fashion. Wang reveals the design of Ivanka’s dress was taken from Grace Kelly gown that she wore when she wed Prince Rainier III in 1956. The fashion designer describes dress as “majestic” and “demure”, giving something royal to the fianc?e.

“For Ivanka’s wedding, she very definitely wanted to be covered,” tells Wang. And this is not surprising. For her marriage with the orthodox jew Jared Kushner, New York Observer owner, fashion jewelry designer Ivanka Trump converted into judaism.

ivanca-trump-wedding-1So the sleeves were the necessary condition of Ivanka’s bride fashion model. And Ivanka’s sleeves are to start new fashion trend – chaste wedding.

New York jewelry designer’s dress was extremely intricate, with three different tiers of hand-appliqu?d lace including Lyon and Chantilly that were different shades of ivory. The bottom layer was embroidered and each layer was pieced together by hand to create a different pattern in the lace. “You could see the layers underneath when she moved,” said Ms. Wang fashion designer. Not surprising that the work took about a month.

On the contrary jewels choice was clearly logic. Fashion jewelry designer Ivanka Trump wore ensemble from here own collection. Exquisite fashion jewels included a Custom Designed Platinum Mixed-Cut Diamond Hair Piece ($45,000) on her veil; Platinum Mixed-Cut Cluster Earringsand ($130,000), and a Platinum Art Deco Fancy Link Diamond Estate Bracelet ($90,000). A total of $265,000 in diamonds and platinum.

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