Kanye West fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear collection

Kanye West Fall 2012 ready-to-wear collection is characterized by simplicity of design and accuracy of lines. The fashion critics consider the collection to be a new break-through of this season. However, a well-known singer who stepped into the field of fashion design has a lot of trends to look up to. His own design of outfits can be simply called glam with a touch of futuristic style, as delicacy of forms is combined with a harsh make up and outrageous hairstyles of models. But before his brand becomes popular an aspiring fashion designer has to launch several new collections.

In spite of the rumors about his bad taste in fashion, Kanye West is ready to conquer the fashion world with a series of elegant and unique collections. The singer seems to be aiming for the same level of acknowledgement in the world of fashion as he has in music, so Kanye West has successfully entered the fashion industry, displaying his peculiar vision of form and color. The presentation of the Kanye West RTW collection showed what stepping of a new designer into the fashion industry is like, if he is not fully familiar with fashion trends. It should be taken into account, that the fashion parade was centered round the expressive image of a rock star who prefers dark colours and refined lines but at the same time knows how to brighten up her wardrobe.

The eye-catching makeup and glamorous footwear looked awesome in combination with restrained colours of clothes presented during the show. The whole collection was a fusion of various materials, such as fur, sparkling leather and velvet. This intricate combination of trends showed that Kanye West intended to show his unique style rather than follow in the footsteps of famous designers.

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