ETHOS, environmentally friendly clothing French designer, previews its latest collection at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

The company is ready to latest collection of suits for both men and women and a selection of accessories both made from organic cotton and alpaca wool.

Being designed in line with the latest trends, ETHOS clothing is made according to ethical and environmentally friendly principles touch – a play on the variety of ways in which the same garment can be worn with striking color patterns.

The Ethos Coton Bio made from organic cotton, features fashionable clothing that is fun, colorful, and suitable for a young, urban lifestyle.

The Ethos Alpaga is made from 100% natural alpaca wool, which is warmer and softer than traditional wool. It is far less scratchy, containing neither lanolin nor any other allergen. That kind of wool is highly resistant. Alpaca wool comes in 30 colors (from bright white to black, with a wide variety of browns and greys). 50 % the Ethos Alpaga collection items are available in the natural colors, while the other half fits fashionable shades.

As we have mentioned ETHOS makes a collection of accessories. For its hats, bags and necklaces, the company uses wild raffia which reacts well to dyes as sturdy material. The technique ETHOS implements is something traditionally used for crochet in Madagascar, which makes the accessories very flexible. Despite this all hats are lined with cotton (to maximize wearing comfort).

Of course you may ask: where does ETHOS get the materials? Since 2007, Ethos has been partners with an Indian supplier of fully vegetal dyes, patented both in India and in the USA.

This partner inspired ETHOS’ Botanic Impressions collection: all textiles of flowers, roots, branches, bark, rust, coal, iron and alum stone, which is also used in Ayurvedic medicine.

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