“Since you have a child, be ready to witness your hear beating in its chest.”

Anne Geddes

Recently I have come across the problem that some babies just HATE walking in the street! It was rather strange for me and very troublesome for their moms, as the babies began shrieking when were taken for a walk in the yard.

So I gave the work to our fashion experts to solve this problem and they did it! As usually though. They proposed to put on those funny animal suits for children when going for a walk with the naughty babies. The suit should make children love the walks as they are comfortable, absolutely natural in textile (fitting combed lam’s wool for extraordinary softness) and, that is more important, funny.

In those cozy suits children will associate themselves with the funny animals. So they won’t playing up but only amuse themselves with the teddy bear suits or some other interesting animal suits for children.

Among the best designers of the animal suits for children our experts recommend animal suits for children by Anne Geddes. The choice is not surprising.

Anne Geddes is known for her photographs of babies dressed as animals, flowers, and insects. She also creates several clothing lines for children, one of which is animal suits for children. Anne has a special, deep love for children and this love makes all her products beloved by the audience – children.

Those cute playsuits for children by Anne Geddes make you admire your children much more, as they really begin resemble ladybirds, hares and squirrels.

All the stuff can be ordered through Anne Geddes internet site or you can find some collections in malls departments.

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