Have you ever imagined knitted boots from wool? No-no! Not socks but boots! If you haven’t, we suppose that this article would be interesting to you.

First of all these knitted boots are not only the fashion footwear. Really knitted boots are very practical! Some people have to walk a lot and this cause corns. Brrrr! But wearing soft knitted boots you won’t ever have corns.

Another advantage of such footwear lies in the possibility to be always original as you can knit your own boots model! With the help of needles and fashion color wool you’ll get something fabulous and fantastic: from vintage knitted boots to the sporty knitted snickers and gumshoes.

Knitted boots could be made using soft hull implementing moccasins or common slippers, as well as hard hull, using boots.

We hope that you’ll find the model you like the most among our knitted boots collection and you’ll feel yourself warm and comfortable through the leftover winter.

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