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Fashion accessories designer Maiko Takeda has created a new conceptual Cinematography Accessories collection. The main accent in the collection is on the shade of the accessory, falling on the wearer’s skin, not to the accessory itself.

Designer Maiko Takeda was born and brought up in Tokyo. But in 2005 she moved to London to learn jewelry design in Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design. Living and creating in London was the most exiting period in designer’s life.

In the new Cinematography collection author wants us to wear the shades the same way we wear jewels. Each piece from the Cinematography collection by Maiko Takeda is made of sheet metal, which has thousand of little and big holes, drilled through.

When the sun touches the accessory, it’s rays come through the metal thus making the figure appear on the owner’s body.

For example, this wide-brimmed hat makes the shade of flowers appear on the woman’s back.


While wearing the necklace one can get the shade of an eye on the breast.

maiko-takeda3 maiko-takeda4

Unfortunately this effect is possible only with the light source. But Maiko Takeda insists that despite of the fickleness, these are the shades that make the sense and secret of her work.

Designer Maiko Takeda recites that she gets her inspiration for Cinematography Accessories Collection from mathematics and other scientific facts, which became common for the majority of people, for example, shades existence and gravitation. All her creative work can be embodied in the simple formula: numbers + logic + space. Moreover, author is consequently inspired by the contemporary theatres and art shows.

In the recent future Maiko Takeda is planning to create her own exclusive collections for the theatrical performances and fashion shows.


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