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In 2009 Belstaff are celebrating their 85th anniversary and to quote designer Manuele Malenotti, “There is no innovation without tradition.”  This could be read as a real slogan of the fashion house but also matches Autumn 2009 collection motto. Accordingly you’ll find vintage Belstaff with a subtle twist.

Manuele Malenotti compares Belstaff fashion house with good vine that by years becomes only better. As he said it Belstaff is look better after 10 years. Which for anyone who’s owned the brand will know is not far off the mark.

Back in the history of Belstaff clothing, in 1924, Harry Grosberg and his father in law, Eli Belovitch, pooled their talents to produce, a cozy collection of waterproofs that all the foggy Albion inhabitances needed. Sturdily constructed and cleverly designed to combat the worst of the British weather, these prototypes of today’s wide range fashion collection soon caught the popular imagination.

Basing in Stoke-on-Trent, England, they started with capes and top quality waterproof clothing for men and women, not forgetting leggings, haversacks and rucksacks as well as. As long as motorcycle sport stepped out Harry and Eli’s family business orientated on famous motorcycle clothing manufacturing them from a double texture material.

Belstaff continue to use only the finest quality fabrics and accessories which have made it famous throughout the world. This is the reason why Belstaff jackets have kept their value through the years.

belstaff 2Fall/Winter 2009 continues to see the Belstaff jacket as a top motorcycle and protective jacket, which is still a top choice for movies today, with Indiana Jones, Wanted, The Dark Knight and Hellboy II, I am Legend, War of the Worlds, Aviator (ссылку на статью)  all using Belstaff jackets and garments in their costume range.

Belstaff Jackets Fall/Winter 2009 Collection features the new Long Way Down jacket. This Belstaff Long Way Down jacket was created by Belstaff with Ewan McGregor and Charley Boreman specifically for their latest adventure.

The Belstaff jacket was designed with three separate components to allow the two adventurers to face all conditions they would be likely to experience on their journey.

The inner section of this Belstaff jacket consists of a special extra strong mesh with breathable, water-resistant outer layer allowing the riders to cope with extremes of the African climate, with soaring temperatures and torrential downpours.

A fantastic range of Belstaff jackets, wax-cotton jackets, Nylon jackets and Belstaff leather jackets are strongly influenced by its pockets and the waist belt.  The big cargo pockets were one of the main features that made this jacket collection the ultra-cool must-have.

The belt has a simple metal buckle and metal grommets along its length, but very few if any jackets use an external belt nowadays, so this is an anachronism that may or may not work for you.

Top of the range Belstaff jackets such as the Belstaff Trialmaster, Belstaff Long Way Down jacket and the Belstaff Mojave jacket are highly popular and continue to live up to the standards of quality and style that were so highly set with the original Belstaff jackets.

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