ameliaBiopic ‘Amelia‘ USA premiere took place at October 23, 2009. The film is a look at the life of legendary American pilot Amelia Earhart, the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic  Ocean.

As one of the most celebrated female faces of her time, Earhart set various records and wrote best-selling novels that described her flying adventures.

Some time after Earhart reached celebrity status, she helped design and publicize a line for “the woman who lives actively”. Her legacy continues to endure because of her

mysterious disappearance over the Pacific in 1937 for an attempt to make a flight around the world.

amelia-1A fashion pioneer Earhart first put woman into “men’s shoes” and…legendary bomber jackets with a feminine fit. Before they became staples of the catwalk, bomber jackets, flight suits and protective aviator sunglasses were born in the cockpit of an early airplane.


The leather bomber jacket shown in the new Earhart biopic “Amelia” starring Hilary Swank style in a way that finicky fashion is timeless, says Franco DiCarlo, executive vice president of Belstaff USA, the brand that collaborated with the filmmakers on key wardrobe pieces

If you are to follow the trend here are some advices to keep the main features of aviator fashion style:

  • purchase a leather bomber jacket – the pivotal piece to Earhart’s iconic look. The vintage bomber silhouette has a cropped length and slim sleeve — and it looks great with boyfriend jeans and heels or a maxi dress, says Belstaff’s DiCarlo. The company is currently offering it in both a sleek, urban-vibe black calfskin as well as broken-in cognac.
  • get brown-leather catsuit thing. Don’t forget that you still have a chance: slim jumpsuits in stores this past spring are back in designer collections for 2010.
  • wear a collared button-up top. Earhart was a fan of a white silk charmeuse tank top. She would wear a button-up beneath her leather bomber jacket or the button-up itself.
  • choose a scarf. A neck-tie scarf was one of Earhart’s favorite accessories. She sometimes wore the scarf beneath her button up shirt or on top, below the collar.
  • select right trousers. Earhart’s pants were crisp, well fitting trousers. Sometimes they were a slender fit, and other times they were of the wide legged variety. According to black and white photos, these trousers were worn in both dark and light colors but mostly winter-white.


  • get tie-up boots that should be also brown leathered.
  • find a belt. Earhart sometimes wore a dark belt with her trousers.
  • slip on a pair of aviator sunglasses. Earhart was often pictured in aviation goggles. Instead of goggles, aviator sunglasses would translate well into real-life fashoion and be more practical for those of us who don’t plan on leaving land. The Italian fashion brand Persol has been making aviator eyewear since 1917, and some pilots still choose Persol, says brand manager Chiara Bernardi, but new lenses with photochromic and polarized lenses allow for protection without the original, more gogglelike look. “It’s a fashion accessory, says Bernardi, but the aviator shape influences the whole industry.”


Aviation pioneers such as Amelia Earhart brought their style around the world, they sparked fashion trends that have been with us ever since. So this is a chance to discover a piece of a heroic woman in yourself. Take a challenge!

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