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Latest winter dress fashions in the UK

Jan.26, 2012

Latest winter dress fashions in the UK

The bleak winter weather in the UK can do nothing to dampen the spirits of a true fashionista. Dresses are as essential this winter as they were during the summer. Accessories may be a little more wintry, such as thick patterned tights, leggings, coats, hats and scarves and the dresses themselves maybe made from thicker, more hardwearing material, but the same fundamentals are the same: dresses are sexy, sassy, stylish and most importantly, wearable.  Read More »

Wedding Lingerie – Lingerie for the Most special occasion

Jan.10, 2012

If you are planning a wedding the first thing you think about is of course your perfect wedding dress. You imagine the model, its silhouette, design and finishing as well as material and whatnots! And after all these preparation, after finding skillful designer and tailor, after million of fittings, you get the result – an ideal wedding gown. But OMG, you have no time to choose right wedding lingerie. In a sense you have no time to choose lingerie at all because you have to try some hairstyles, make cute manicure and so on… and you even delegate lingerie choice to your mom or close friend (brides mate). Read More »

Weird Shoes 2011

Nov.14, 2011

The year is ending soon and its time to resume and name the weirdest pair of shoes among the weird shoes 2011. The catwalk 2011 was profuse in weird fashion, shoes are not exception. Alexander McQueen’s début and Lady Gaga’s defiles make it harder and harder to create anecdotic and unlikely shoes. But despite of this, our fashion experts have managed to find bold and creative weird shoes 2011. Read More »

Best men’s Halloween costumes 2011

Oct.28, 2011

It is always a problem for a guy to choose a cool and suitable Halloween costume from the great amount of men’s Halloween costumes 2011. In wizard costume you are looking like a schoolboy, zombie costume is too simple and boring even. Relax guys! For you I’ve prepared best men’s Halloween costumes 2011. Reading this article will help you to choose cool and original variant from different others. Read More »

What to Wear on Halloween 2011

Oct.26, 2011


Hi, girls! Are you preparing for the coming Halloween 2011 party? No? I got it. You have already raked up you closet and unfortunately haven’t found anything suitable. Botched costumes from the past Halloween party, torn tights and other accessories all these mean you need Halloween costume help.

Here I have fresh new ideas on what to wear on Halloween 2011. So relax. If you follow my simple advices you won’t have any problems with halloween costume 2011. And of course you’ll be spotted on any Halloween party! Read More »

Creating your Jewelry Style with JewelMint

Oct.19, 2011

In recent article I described one interesting web-site which I’ve found. The site gives an online stylist’s consultation what clothes suit better your personal style. Nice idea which really helps to save time, especially if you are on a hurry to prepare get up for the nights out.

Creating your Jewelry Style with JewelMint

But a good evening party is impossible without right jewelry. And there are a lot of women who like to put on jewelry simply going out to have a little fun with girlfriends, drinking beer or even making daily purchase. If want to know what jewelry is in style today and what jewelry fits your style then JewelMint will help you. Read More »

Mango Fall/Winter Jewelry Collection 2011-2012

Sep.02, 2011

Well-chosen and matching jewelry can utterly change any look from the simplest to the very chic, that is why fashion and style have always been greatly influenced by jewelry designs.

This coming fall/winter 2011/2012 season designers have put great significance to jewelry.

The jewelry designers create new lines of accessories for each season because tasteful and charismatic accessories can have a great impact in fashion makes. And a well-known and respected brand Mango is not an exception. Read More »

Lacoste Jewelry Collection spring-summer 2011

Apr.06, 2011

Last summer fashion brand Lacoste launched fashion jewelry line and now new Lacoste jewelry collection spring-summer 2011 is released for you ladies.

Lacoste jewelry collection spring-summer 2011 is a perfect fashion jewelry collection for luxury fans. Every woman, who prefers sport glam would be glad to find out the pieces carefully prepared for her to point the lady out in the fitness-club, on the tennis court or during other outdoor activities. Read More »

Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Bowling Handbag

Jan.05, 2011

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana know what women like. That is why clothing and accessories created by them are in great demand. One of the recent innovations from the Italian duo is Bag Dolce & Gabbana Miss Sicily Bowling – the embodiment of modern elegance and grace. The new handbags name came from famous brand Dolce & GabbanaMiss Sicily Bowling, clearly associated with a satchel for carrying bowling ball and shoes, but this handbag is from Dolce & Gabbana! And that’s why it deserves more. Accessory is shaped with two handles, decorated with golden metal details. Zipper bags also have a golden hue. A pocket with a zipper is inside the black lining. This Dolce & Gabbana bag produced in Italy is also equipped with the metallic protective bottom. Read More »

Fashion Jewelry Watch Collection

Oct.27, 2010

What are watches for? I’m almost sure that some bookkeeper will answer, that timepieces are used for time determination. But a real it-girl is sure that a wristwatch is a bracelet with dial and numbers. Looking at our Jewelry Watch Collection you’ll understand, that she is right.

In this article I wanted to unite all the gorgeous, artistically created and very expensive timepieces, which make difference between working and leisure time. And it is really so. One look on the wristwatch is enough to say if this or that woman is going working, or party! Of course, I want all women to spend a pleasant lifetime, so this article is for you. Read More »

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