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Balenciaga Fashion House

May.24, 2012

Balenciaga Fashion House

Balenciaga Fashion House was founded at the beginning of the 20th century by a well-known Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga. The first boutique was opened in San Sebastian in 1918. In the 1930s Balenciaga moved his already noted business to Paris. Afterwards the house flourished for more than 30 years there through its exclusive fashion, jewellery and fragrances, and became one of the most influential haute couture leaders of those times.

Cristóbal Balenciaga

Cristóbal Balenciaga’s reign continued for the next 30 years during which he managed to open other authentic boutiques in Madrid and Barcelona. He was regarded by his fellow designer-colleagues as “The Master” for creating some of the most extravagant and powerful images of the 20th century.

The House’s business was closed in 1968 as Cristóbal Balenciaga retired, and he died just a few years later. From that time until the 1990s the Balenciaga name was associated only with fragrances.

In the mid 90s the owner of the Paris-based store, Nicolas Ghesquière, decided to revive the fashion line of the House. In a short period of time he became one of the strongest designers in the world of fashion. Read More »

Valentino fashion house

Nov.10, 2011

Valentino, Valentino Roma and Valentino Garavani as well as R.E.D. Valentino these all are Valentino Garavani’s creations. The Italian fashion designer is one of major representative of this profession.

Born in northern Italy in a city of Voghera, Valentino early fall in love with fashion designating. After finishing school he moved to Paris where he studied at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, École des Beaux-Arts. His parents Mauro Garavani and Teresa de Biaggi helped him to pursue the interest to fashion design. Read More »

Alexander McQueen Fashion House

Jul.15, 2011

Alexander McQueen Fashion House

“My clothes are designed for prosperity”.
Alexander McQueen

The history of Alexander McQueen Fashion House is very interesting. It all started from the times when Lee Alexander McQueen was only 16. He left the school then to become a fashion designer and had a prosperous success in this career. He learned tailoring on Savile Row and pattern making from costumiers Angels and Bermans. His degree collection was shown in 1994 and was entirely bought by an eccentric British style icon and fashion editor Isabella Blow. She was the one who suggested using his middle name for the label.

Alexander McQueen’s early collections were famous for their controversy and shock tactics. The pieces designed by him were gorgeous and combined both British tailoring and French couture. The dresses cut in hourglass shape, frock coats with skinny pants, sharp suits, dark and romantic gowns covered in embroidery and lace – all these was Alexander McQueen’s signature. He also received numerous distinctions and awards. Namely in 2004 he was awarded the Best British Menswear Designer of the yearby the British Fashion Council. By that time the Alexander McQueen Fashion label was already partially owned by Gucci Group. Read More »

Louis Vuitton fashion house

May.25, 2011

In 1854 a well-known fashion house Louis Vuitton was founded. Louis Vuitton gained his reputation in making luggage. That’s why he became a trunk-maker to the wife of Napoleon III.

For several years Louis Vuitton learnt the real basis of the so called voyage-friendly baggage. Then he made up his mind to deconstruct that model. So he thought of his own one. He designed very light trunks with a flat bottom made of wonderful airtight sailcloth. His trunks could simply stack and surely had easy storage. Read More »

Yves Saint Laurent fashion house

Mar.27, 2011

Yves Saint Laurent fashion house is a symbol of French couture. The history of this brand takes start in early sixties of the past century. In 1962 the first YSL collection, inspired by national costumes of different nations, was released.

YSL gave life to many fashion trends, such as beatnik look. This company made tight pants, high boots and safari jackets attributes of style and good taste in 60s and 70s.

Read More »

Versace fashion house

Feb.01, 2011

It is difficult to imagine a man even the most distant from the fashion, which would have never heard about one of the most iconic and legendary among fashion houses – Versace SpA, or simply Versace.

This company was founded in 1978 and was originally conceived as a company selling fine and rare fabrics. However, after six months on the Via della Spiga the first branded boutique with dresses which were invented and sewed by founder of the company – Gianni Versace, was opened in Milan. Design and cut dresses were much differed from those that were adopted in the fashion world at the moment, and shop instantly became very popular not only among the Italian elite, but among ordinary shoppers. Read More »

Dolce and Gabbana Fashion house

Dec.22, 2010

Fashion house Dolce and Gabbana is one of the largest in the world of fashion, though in practice the youngest. Today, its value exceeds 645 million dollars. Many boutiques around the world, a large staff of admirers, successful shows – it is an integral part of the Dolce & Gabbana.

Since its inception, brand Dolce & Gabbana has become a symbol of passionate and elegant style of confident young men and women. Dolce & Gabbana man – a little hedonist, dresses for himself and very attentive to detail. He loves everything that frees him from subjection to pre-defined patterns, he is free and successful. He can come to the office in a perfect suit, as well as in tattered jeans and a blazer because he dictates the rules and disobeys them. Read More »

Calvin Klein Fashion House

Nov.07, 2010

Calvin Klein is doubtlessly one of the most respected fashion brands, which stays in the spotlight for over the four decades.

Calvin Klein fashion house

The history of Calvin Klein Fashion House started back in the 1968 with the coat shop in the New York city. The story goes that the buyer form fashionable women’s apparel store walked into the Calvin Klein’s shop by mistake and in a week made the 50 thousand dollar deal with Calvin Klein. Within a year Mr. Klein appeared on the cover of Vouge magazine and by the end of 1970’s his annual income reached 8,5 million dollar point.

Calvin Klein Fashion House is known for its controversial advertising campaigns, featuring Brooke Shields, Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss. Read More »

Chanel Fashion House

Sep.19, 2010

Chanel fashion houseNowadays Chanel Fashion Designer is one of the most popular brands in the world. A lot of people, wearing and using it can’t stand delighting the designer. And that is not surprising, because Chanel guarantees you chick and elegance! And it has been helping a lot of women to feel self- confident for more than 100 years!

By the way, do you know the history of the brand? It was founded in 1909 by famous Coco Chanel. She was fond of designing hats, which she was selling in her own shop. But in 1913 she declared that she was totally against so- called “resort wear” and started advertising sportswear, introducing sports jackets and trousers for women. This conception ran counter to that time’s viewpoint. So, in fact, Coco had founded a brand in spite of the fact that there were no brands at that time. Read More »

Christian Dior Fashion House

May.14, 2010

“I have designed flower women.”

C. Dior

Christian Dior was an influential French fashion designer, the founder of one of the world’s top fashion house, also called Christian Dior.

Christian Dior was born in a seaside town on the coast of France, called Granville. His family hoped he would become a diplomat, but Dior only wished to be involved in the fashion world and sketching as well.

To raise money, he sold his fashion works outside for about 10 cents per sketch. In 1928 after leaving school he opened a small art gallery, receiving money from his father. After a family financial disaster Dior was forced to close the gallery. Read More »

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