On the 29th of November 2011 the city of London received Victoria Secrets fashion show 2011. The show turned to be the most expensive since 1995. The cost was announced – 12 million dollars, 2 of which were spent on Swarovski crystals.

But these are not the final figures. During the Victoria Secrets fashion show 2011 Miranda Kerr (the main Australian Victoria’s Angel) demonstrated the most expensive women’s bra. It was 2.5million dollars seagreen Fantasy Bra, decorated with 3 400 gems: 142-carat white and yellow diamonds, aquamarines and pearls, as well as citrines.

By the way, the marine theme was the leading motive of the show. It seems that since Channel 2012 show marine theme had became the haut ton. Thus angels changed qualification to marine nymphs. But not the altogether. Girls had to divide 31 pairs of the wings between 38 models. Karlie Kloss was among the newborn nymphs. This American model made her debut during the Victoria Secrets show 2011, while Doutzen Kroes was a Spanish queen, Candace Swanepoel performed a blue swan, Adriana Lima turned into black raven witch, and Alessandra Ambrosio was a woman-peacock. Sydney made and designed by Manik Mercian those wings of copper were decorated with 105,000 Swarovski crystals, plated with 23 carat gold. The construction weighted 30 pound. Alessandro opened a secret: for a 30 second walk she had to strengthen her back with special exercises.


While girls were walking, rappers were singing. Kanye West, Adam Levine), Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z were star-guests of the show 2012.

They have everything to rule the world. Watch those gorgeous beauties of the Victoria Secrets fashion show 2011 below.

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