On the 11th of March Aussie supermodel was driving on a Los Angeles freeway when the traffic accident occurred. The model got off lightly but had some damage to the back. “Thank you, my Victoria Secret’s Angel” – must be her words after the crash.

I’m sure that cosmetic designer Miranda was in shock and was thinking only about her 1-year old son during the accident. And I can understand her emotions very well because I’m a mother too.

After the light injure Miranda Kerr was taken to the LA’s hospital. Fortunately, according to her tweeter the super model is on the mend.

Here we can see Miranda who is entering the Chateau Marmont  Hotel on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angelis. No, no. This is not a glamour trend. The model’s neck is decorated with a special medical neck brace which she must wear for a week at least. A safety purpose after the traffic crash.

But Miranda was not alone in the car during the crash. According to Kerr’s Australian publicist (Annie Kelly), David Jones was the second passenger in the car. He also became a victim of an unknown drunk driver.

Kerr’s mother Therese was with an assistant, while another vehicle was ramming into Miranda’s car. As a thankful mother she expressed gratitude to all who left their wishes on her Instagram account.

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