fashion-summitOn December 9th 2009, Copenhagen Opera House in Denmark saw Fashion Summit 2009 opening where the global fashion industry, CSR experts and politicians gathered to kick-start the ambitious initiative Nordic Initiative Clean and Ethical – NICE.

While politicians are going to talk about the global climate changings NICE during the Fashion Summit 2009, fashion experts are discussing environmental problems aroused by the evolution of the fashion industry and new business models of sustainable slopwork and its design.The key questions to be addressed are:ostwald-helgason-2

  • what does a sustainable fashion industry look like?
  • what does it take to get us there?

fam-irvoll-1Masterminds of the Fashion Summit 2009 claim that fashion must be harmonized with the environment. During the Copenhagen Fashion Summit 2009 the NICE will present 10 years term plan and code of conduct for Scandinavian clothing manufactures.

Copenhagen summit conferences and discussions are to help fashion industry representatives to find some alternative decisions touching appropriate technology.

Runway show of sustainable fashion by the 20 best new generation of Nordic fashion designers will be presented also in the Fashion Summit 2009 network by the end of the day’s events.

Among them to present the models are:

  • Louise Amstrup, Eluise, David Andersen, Wackerhaus (Denmark);
  • S?by, Maxjenny, Hern?ndez Cornet, Anna Bonnevier (Sweden);
  • Ostwald Helgason, Eygl?, Mundi, Rey (Iceland);
  • Elton & Jacobsen, Kristofer Kongshaug Sarl, Fam Irvoll, AnnK (Norway);
  • Dark Creations LTD, Iloa, Saara Lepokorpi, Naoto Niidome (Finland).ostwald-helgason-4

Moreover, all the sustainable fashion models are automatically taking part in the contest, organized by the C.L.A.S.S. (environmentally safe fabrics and cloths supplier), so the winner will be announced at the place.


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