A major fashion exhibit showcasing 85 costumes will soon be opened at The Brooklyn Museum. To present the exhibition The Brooklyn Museum has partnered with the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In 2009, the Brooklyn Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art entered into long-term partnership relations to exhibit Brooklyn’s collection. The objects were transferred to The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan, with Brooklyn maintaining curatorial access. Exhibitions of costumes from the collection will be held at both institutions.

The exhibition is organized by Jan Glier Reeder, Consulting Curator for the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and coordinated by Kevin Stayton, Chief Curator of the Brooklyn Museum.Since its opening on May 7 and through August 1 the visitors would be able to see unique costumes, some have never been on public view, while many of masterworks haven’t been on display in 20 years.

A simultaneous exhibition, “American Woman: Fashioning a National Identity”, the first at the Metropolitan Museum to be drawn from the Brooklyn Museum Costume Collection, will be on view from May 5 through August 15, 2010.

American High Style – fashion exhibit at Brooklyn Museum will present works dating from the mid-19th-century to the late 20th-century, fitting a selection of accessories, drawings, sketches, and other fashion-related materials. It will include milestone creations of the acquisition history, many of which were gifts from leaders of fashion and major donors to the Brooklyn Museum – the Hewitt sisters, the women of the Prince family, Millicent Rogers, and Austine Hearst.

“This is truly a landmark moment in the history of museum exhibitions. It is at once a celebration of a unique collection-sharing program between Brooklyn and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a remarkable history of the Brooklyn collection that traces the evolution of fashion in America from its 19th-century European beginnings through the late 20th-century,” comments Brooklyn Museum Director Arnold L. Lehman.

American High Style – fashion exhibit at Brooklyn Museum will be organized in groups symbolizing the most important strengths of the collection. At the beginning you will see works of the first generation of American women designers such as Bonnie Cashin, Elizabeth Hawes, and Claire McCardell, as well as material created by Charles James, Norman Norell, Gilbert Adrian, and other important American designers.

The French designers such as Charles Frederick Worth, Elsa Schiaparelli, Jeanne Lanvin, Jean Paquin, Madeleine Vionnet, and Christian Dior also had an important influence on American women and fashion. So their works will be included.

The objects range from ball gowns to beachwear. Fashion exhibit at Brooklyn Museum includes one of the most important works in the collection – ‘Surrealist insect necklace’ by Schiaparelli. Other important masterworks are ballgowns and day wear by Charles James; evening ensembles by Charles Frederick Worth, Christian Dior, and Mainbocher; street wear by mid-20th-century designers including Vera Maxwell, Claire McCardell, and Elizabeth Hawes; a group of hats by legendary milliner Sally Victor; and dazzling evening wear by Norman Norell.

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