Let’s see those girls, best of the best, top models from all over the world. They really made revolution in fashion and they are considered the best on catwalk.
1. On the top, of course, is Twiggy. When she was 17 years old she was declared as the icon of the style.

2. Gia Carangi – second beauty in the list of first top models – she had changed the fashion industry forever, because before her star appeared on the horizon, the name “model” was given to blond pretty girl with long legs.

3. Well-known girlfriend of Sylvester Stallone – Janice Dickinson, outrageous and sometimes even hysteric, though one of the best top models.

4. Worlds First Top Models list will be not fair without the one who was the first African American models and got real recognition on podium – Tyra Banks.

5. Naomi Campbell – the same one of the best, she has made her skin color as her strongest advantage.

6. Kate Moss – famous star in the world’s fashion of middle 90-Th.

7. Cindy Crawford – she was the first top model who agreed to pose nude for Playboy magazine.

8. Claudia Schiffer – she is one of the richest women of Germany. She appeared on magazines front – covers nearly 900 times.

9. Laetitia Casta – in 2000 was chosen as a prototype of the national symbol of France – Marianna.

10. Linda Evangelista became the first model who was offered the highest fees just for her presence at some fashion event. She is the owner of famous saying: “I will never get up from bed less than for 10 thousand dollars”.

11. Heidi Klum – the biggest star of fashion industry since the end of 90-Th.

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