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Top 10 Most Paid Models 2012

Jun.18, 2012

Most Paid Models 2012

The beauty delights, the beauty charms. And the beauty is sold. For how much? It depends upon how models build their careers. The restless «Forbes» magazine has compiled a list of the most highly paid models in the world 2012. Models income was calculated from May, 2011 – May, 2012.

Here is the list of most paid supermodels of 2012: Read More »

Great models of the 90-s – How are they doing

Jan.16, 2012

In 2012 the renaissance of the great models of the 90-s starts with Roberto Cavalli’s ads campaign, shot by Steven Meisel. The shot involves the legend of the black beauty at the catwalk – Black Panther Naomi Campbell. Among other taking part models are Karen Elson, Daphne Groeneveld and Kristen McMenamy. Read More »

11 World’s First Top Models

Mar.11, 2011

Let’s see those girls, best of the best, top models from all over the world. They really made revolution in fashion and they are considered the best on catwalk.
1. On the top, of course, is Twiggy. When she was 17 years old she was declared as the icon of the style. Read More »

Best Top Models Falls on Catwalk

Mar.03, 2011

It seems that all models were born in high heels and do you envy them? Do you really think they can conquer these skyscrapers easily? See how it really works in some cases… The best top models falls on catwalk will show their real skills of walking on heels!

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Brunette Natasha Poly shot for V Magazine

Jan.13, 2011

Russian beauty Natasha Poly shot for the new issue of V Magazine. Recently changed the image and has turned from blonde to brunette supermodel shows in the pages of glossy magazine outfits from the spring-summer collections of brands like Versace, Celine, Jil Sander, Prada, Miu Miu, Giorgio Armani, Christopher Cane.

Natasha was taken pictures by Vanderperr Willy for V Magazine. He made minimalistic shots under the name New Brunette, Who Loves Her New Prints, emphasizing the clothes with bright colorful prints, which promise to become a hot trend next season. Read More »

Romanian Models – Best Bikinis and Eyes

Oct.18, 2010

In this article we’ll get acquainted with Romanian models. In the world of fashion Romanian models have always been known for beautiful speaking eyes. But recently Romanian girls got the reason to be proud of their graceful forms.

In May 2010, 22-years old Romanian model Diana Irina Boanka won the first prize as the most beautiful girl in a bikini during the annual Miss Bikini World contest. And since then Romanian models got the focus on their 90/60/90. Read More »

Models of the Past vs Modern Models

Jul.27, 2010

One of our readers asked recently about her sister who was a model of Givenchy. Of course it is very hard to find now some rare photos, especially when models were not world known.

But I did like this topic and decided to compare some modern models with the models of the past century. All we know that a new one is once forgotten, so looking at the modern models you would recognize the features and style of the old guard.

Nevertheless contemporary beauty standards differ from the past years etalons. Blonds or dark-haired, blue-eyed or burning brown – all the models have the one and only peculiarity that brings them to the fashion height. Read More »

Polish Fashion Models – Goldilockses of the Catwalk

Dec.16, 2009


Polish fashion models are considered to be one of the most eye-catching and easy-to-image models. They are known for the beautiful proportioned faces and wonderful gold hair. It is so because of the polish women fairness, which can be explain by the Poland’s multinational population. Read More »

Most Paid Serbian Fashion Model Lips

Nov.07, 2009


The major Serbian models are known for their beautiful full, sensual lips. Their lips became the real trademark of the Balkan country and are highly valued by world model agencies.

Now let’s run through the most paid Serbian lips and their fashion models masters. Read More »