Brides around the world are mad on their wedding dress. It doesn’t matter whether you are an Asian beauty, or a European leggy girl: all women want to look FANTASTIC on their wedding day. So this fact unites brides around the world.

In this article block we gonna show you the difference in World Bridal Fashion, reflecting cultural peculiarities of different countries. You’ll begin to understand better some strange Asian traditions, know better the history of the world’s bridal costume and thus find new ideas for your wedding dress.

These articles will be very useful for newborn brides, as we have just opened the summer 2010 wedding season! And girls are in need of fresh bridal fashion ideas.

Ok, so we want to start with the Muslim bridal fashion. All the dresses are created according to the Islamic traditions of the bride’s virginity. Long sleeves, up floor length skirts and high-necked design of the wedding dress reflect this tradition. Be aware that each dress from the collection fits the traditional headdress.

But allegiance to traditions doesn’t mean being out of fashion. Each year world known fashion companies create bridal collections for Muslim women. One of the best known is To be bride fashion company and Indonesian designer Irna La Perle.

For better understanding of the Islamic style we want to acquaint you with their To be bride salam collection.

By the way, these wedding dresses would be perfect for those, who are not in a hurry, and plan to get married in the winter time, or just prefer high-necked design.

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