Vera Wang Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer 2012 - New York Fashion Week

This season the icon of fashion Vera Wang presented her mysterious collection for the New York Fashion Week. Vera Wang Spring/Summer 2012 Collection was inspired by a psychedelic fairytale muse – Alice in Wonderland. It contained mostly youthful and hyper-progressive spring designs which couldn’t be compared with Vera Wang dresses of bridal and gown-shaped style, in the slightest.

The atmosphere was set by the childish melody background from an antique music box. While the catwalk was hit by Victorian-style sporty ensembles with numerous layers of snowy white, changing slowly to the graphic and abstract prints and colour variations: from yellowish to grey, then from rose to cobalt or indigo.

The well-known audience in front rows was startled at the final floor-length numbers. Among them where:  Beyonce Knowles, Kim Kardashian, Jen Brill (Chanel ambassador) and others. The Vera Wang 2012 was an obvious exploration of fine tailoring and transparency, which combined together, gave a cutting-edge and unique effect.

A number of vests and jackets with hoods and short-cut shorts added the collection an athletic edge. In addition some bodices and corset-garments borrowed from modern fetish streams brought in some chic and subtlety. While some of the outfits in Vera Wang’s Ready-To-Wear 2012 Collection carried a psychedelic character, especially the organza and tulle pieces and meringue-like mini-skirts, the majority was original and practically wearable.

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