Have you ever thought of a Swarovski encrusted skirt, or some Fabergé dress? But designer Mary Katrantzou does! For the fall 2011 she prepared incredible Fabergé-inspired fashion collection 2011 with frantic prints, fantastic-shaped molded dresses and skirts.

Every time Mary has something to make us blown away and she makes au feel a beat confused. Do you remember her perfume-bottles-printed collection? Or may be scenes from hotel rooms as the main collection prints?

This time it is Fabergé-inspired fashion collection 2011 which speaks for itself. The most wonderful piece of Mary Katrantzou’s Fabergé-inspired fashion collection 2011 is a Swarovski encrusted skirt and an egg-like violet dress. Swarovski skirt resembles classic English garden from L. Carroll’s fairy tale. It seems that Tim Burton got a jerk on costume designer for his recent film. Pink gem flowers decorate the greenness of the jewels grass. So faerie the skirt by Mary Katrantzou is!

The only question is can we wear those dresses and where we can put them on? The answer is yes, but not all of them and not everywhere. The comfort (if we can speak of comfort) is more obvious thanks to stretchy knits which Mary Katrantzou very unusually decided to use.

See all the Fabergé-inspired Fashion Collection 2011 by Mary Katrantzou below.

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