If you are interested in the established style you should pay attention to refined Escada fall/winter  collection 2010. The presented models embrace all parts and areas of the modern life from the daily clothes till evening dresses.

Milla Jovovich Escada 2010

We can get one more proof of the exclusiveness of the last fashion collection from this marvelous brand, it’s enough to glance to Milla Jovovich (who is a new face of Escada fashion house and it’s one more point for German label benefit) photo session that was taken by Peter Lindbergh specially for this campaign.

As we can see at the runway, this season makes a glitter and luxury actual again.

The color line of Escada fall/winter 2010 collection is very strict; by the way, only rich, deep, noble tinges are welcomed. Another distinctive feature of the coming season is a plenty of drapes that cascade down like a waterfall. Wrapping soft lines are attended in the every pattern; it underlines style and puts an elusive accent of the image completeness.

Escada fall/winter 2010 collection

Those pictures are showing us pure respectability and the fact that you need just right clothes for it. It’s almost no accessories presented with most models, all dresses are totally self-sufficient. They don’t need additional decoration and we can say definitely: it’s a central idea of Escada collection 2010. The materials, the elegance of the cut and well thought-out details are the real adornments of the models, the jewellery can only tint such a perfective clothes.

With greetings from Germany fashion… Escada… Fall/Winter 2010 season for you.

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