Calvin Klein Collection 2013 at New York fashion week

The new Calvin Klein’s Spring collection 2013 from Francisco Costa was shown at New York fashion week and it was the great final of the occasion. The couturier says about this set that it has erotic style and saves impressions from both seasons – autumn and spring. Also it reminded some details from Carolyn Bessette Kennedy or Carsten Nicolai and even something from the outer look of the elegant cars. So we see the beauty and the refinement together here and it’s more than just a pin-up style for sure.

The first dress of Calvin Klein’s collection was made from the satin and its black color and silver fringe on outlines looked so rich. The designer skillfully focused all attention to the décolleté even if he doesn’t use loud flashy details for such an effect. Though sir Costa doesn’t ignore other nuances that can emphasize attractiveness of the dress owner. He puts on the models peplums, belts and many combinations that increase impression from the clothes as the image foundation. We also could see game of the colors and the forms (he even took some complex geometric ones), the designer used many in his collection this time.

So it’s clear now that even cars can bring something new and fresh in the fashion style this season. You just have to give a glance to the gold cocktail dress from the last Costa’s set, it’s a bit provocative but really interesting with its draping and the absence of accessories such as strap, for example . Anyway the success during the Calvin Klein RTW Collection 2013 speaks for itself, the designer experiment was quite good. The dresses with car’s soul, you are welcomed.

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