Alexander McQueen Menswear Collection 2012 at Milan

A new Spring/Summer Menswear Collection 2012 of Alexander McQueen was presented under the artistic direction of Sarah Burton. This collection is a real presentation of England with its rock essence, embracing all the aspects from indie style to flagrant theatre, including crowds of fans hugging and hearting each other every minute. This turned out to be the main concept for Sarah Burton’s inspiration during Milan Fashion Show. And her idea worked well enough for her.

It was interesting that Raf Simons through Jil Sander’s collection managed to bring up the theme of early century style, which was worth seeing. At the same time, strange coincidence, Sarah Burton also presented a theme of early sixties and it was done more successfully at the Alexander McQueen Menswear Collection 2012. Although you couldn’t clearly see the eloquence of the style, you could follow the appearance of checked and striped pattern to the white-jeans-and-Chelsea-boots moment, including the red-velvet dandyism which struck Savile Row.

In Alexander McQueen Menswear Collection 2012 there was also the white clothing item used by Mick Jagger during his free concert in Hyde Park and arose tremendous curiosity in lines. Then the presentation was followed by jet-beaded, fedora-ed decadence when rock’s “Satanic Majesties” danced with the devil and got burned by hellfire. All the show was accompanied by one of the Stevie Ray Vaughan’s best soundtracks proving his equality to “Voodoo Child” by Jimi Hendrix.

And here are the photos of Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer Menswear Collection 2012.

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