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Dolce & Gabbana Spring-Summer 2013 at Milan fashion week

Sep.24, 2012

Dolce & Gabbana Spring-Summer 2013 at Milan fashion week

Dolce & Gabbana presented a glorious show for their Spring/Summer 2013 collection during the Milan fashion week. It came out to be a truly hot summer, by all means. Right before the Dolce & Gabbana 2013 show began the fashion crowd started hiding under their bright and multi-coloured invitations in order to shelter from the sudden eruption of rain. However, after getting inside, everyone forgot about the rain, as there was a sensation of hot and joyous summer.

To start with, there was a solid procession of slim dresses with gently oversized sleeves. The dresses included the street scenes of Sicily in red, blue, orange and yellow colours. The designers were particularly inspired by the city’s street puppet theatre. The scenes were bright, energetic and vibrant. In the meanwhile, they were quite sexy and sassy, just the way Dolce & Gabbana prefers. Read More »

Calvin Klein RTW Collection 2013 at New York fashion week

Sep.15, 2012

Calvin Klein Collection 2013 at New York fashion week

The new Calvin Klein’s Spring collection 2013 from Francisco Costa was shown at New York fashion week and it was the great final of the occasion. The couturier says about this set that it has erotic style and saves impressions from both seasons – autumn and spring. Also it reminded some details from Carolyn Bessette Kennedy or Carsten Nicolai and even something from the outer look of the elegant cars. So we see the beauty and the refinement together here and it’s more than just a pin-up style for sure.

The first dress of Calvin Klein’s collection was made from the satin and its black color and silver fringe on outlines looked so rich. The designer skillfully focused all attention to the décolleté even if he doesn’t use loud flashy details for such an effect. Though sir Costa doesn’t ignore other nuances that can emphasize attractiveness of the dress owner. Read More »

Hot Despi Swimwears for Hot Summer 2012

Jun.04, 2012

Summer’s ahead and Despi  is offering you a bold opportunity with its tempting new season ideas. Take a look at these hot new offerings to get a better view of the options that lay ahead.

Hot Despi Swimwears for Hot Summer 2012

The race after the most spellbinding Swimwears 2012 is on. The choice seems impossible within the multitude of variations and style perspectives to be analyzed. But we have spotted out a gorgeous line which suits our taste and all our problems disappear compared with the enchantment it makes us feel.

Among the most prominent summer collections the Despi Swimwears Summer 2012 are worth mentioning.

The Despi Swimwears collection focuses on the variety and serves to suit more than one silhouette. Furthermore, the label has lots of gorgeous bikinis to offer. The most common choice is still a monochrome due to its timeless features, ability not to break the body lines and elongating effect. However, if you need any other visual effects or trendy vibes, either way the brand can still cover your interests. One of the obvious streams of this season is animal print and its varieties, so it’s easy to see why the label freely uses it in its summer collection.

Read More »

Gottex Swimwear 2012 – Cruise Collection

Feb.20, 2012

Over the years of its existence the brand «Gottex» has won its exclusive status in the world of beachwear. The company, which was established in Israel in 1956, has become one of the leading swimsuits manufacturers in the world ever since. Recently «Gottex» has presented a new collection, which is called Gottex Swimwear 2012 Cruise Collection.

Gottex SwimWear 2012 Cruise Collection
The Cruise Collection strikes the public with a variety of swimwear, as well as with wonderful designs. Exclusive «Gottex» swimwear is a combination of sophisticated styles, tenderness, sensuality, sexuality and romance. The new collection of luxury swimwear Gottex 2012 includes different designs – from two piece swimsuits to an one piece swimsuit. Read More »

Louis Vuitton Menswear fall-winter 2012-2013 collection – Paris fashion week

Jan.20, 2012

Are you ready for a trip? Vuitton’s designer Kim Jones invites us to join him and check the new Louis Vuitton Menswear fall-winter 2012-2013 collection. You will ask: Where are we going? Kim Jones says from west to east. Our directions are Paris and Tokyo. This would be a pleasant journey as the designer proposes to wear bathrobe-like coats. Read More »

Giorgio Armani Autumn/Winter 2012-13 – Milan fashion week

Jan.19, 2012

Perfect city-style from Giorgio Armani was presented during the Milan fashion week 2012 in Giorgio Armani Autumn/Winter 2012-13 collection. While watching the collection I felt the smell of naphthalene from Soviet-like long black-leather men coats. Though these outdoors are ideal for the mild winter we have this year. Read More »

Christian Dior Handbags 2012 – Resort Collection

Nov.07, 2011

Christian Dior has launched the new Christian Dior Handbags 2012 resort collection. The high street handbags collection is fresh, bold and cute as usual. And if you want to become quickly a summerish style siren showcase one of Dior high street outfits.

The festive atmosphere which is created by Christian Dior Handbags 2012 resort collection could easily turn a boring day into a super outfit parade. And juicy and bright colors of the Christian Dior Handbags 2012 resort collection (indigo, aquamarine, pink and red) help you in that. Read More »

Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012 at Paris Fashion Week

Oct.07, 2011

Since Kate Middleton’s wedding Sarah Burton (the after-death Alexander McQueen fashion house creative director) set about gardening and presented the new cabbage-inspired Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012 at Paris Fashion Week.

Feminine woman dressed in a lot of ruche and frilling pale beige and pink, nude, cabbage-form frilling on skirts, cabbage-texture and cabbage-print dresses – that is all Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012. Aged gold color costumes give the special medieval chic to the collection – the Alexander McQueen’s calling card. Read More »

Chanel Spring/Summer RTW Collection 2012 at Paris Fashion Week

Oct.06, 2011

Seems Karl Lagerfeld doesn’t wait much sun from this spring season. As Chanel Spring/Summer Collection 2012 was rather snowy. There were a lot of white, pale palette and just modest black and light-pink, trying to get out of that snow.

Surprising himself and all the critics, Karl presented chanel spring collection 2012 under the Florence Welch’s incredible accompaniment. By the way, she sang live. Read More »

Сhristian Dior Spring/Summer Collection 2012 at Paris Fashion Week

Oct.05, 2011

Сhristian Dior Spring/Summer Collection 2012 showed that Dior’s show goes on without Galliano. The new Сhristian Dior ready-to-wear collection brought some fresh notes to the catwalk so that I’d rather took some of these fabulous chiffon dresses and put them on because of the unexpectedly hot weather. Read More »

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