Sometimes we choose the colors of the clothes intuitively. Someone would not want to put on the red, and someone does not like black and other cloudy colors. However, constantly avoiding bright colors, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to lift the mood, make your life a little happier. Nobody said that it is necessary to shock others with garish attire, quite the same detail that will please you all day. For example, a yellow scarf will facilitate the flow of new ideas, and red will add vigor. Of course it is important that this accessory fits into the concept of your image.

The best way to determine what colors you should wear is to investigate the color of your skin, hair and eyes, or that ideally – to appeal to a professional image consultant, who will review your exterior color using special test shawls and give you a color palette with just your best colors.

If you have a light brown, light brown or blond hair, blue, gray, light green or light brown eyes, clear skin, ivory, you should wear soft light tones. Silver, slightly gilded decorations, as well as black, brown or navy blue accessories are best suited to you.

If you have dark or very dark hair, gray, green or hazel eyes, pale pink or brown on the nature of skin, you should wear fresh and vibrant colors. It will be better to wear silver and gold ornaments.

If you have red, brown, reddish-brown or blue-black hair, bright blue, green or hazel eyes, a natural golden-brown skin tone, freckles, olive or dark skin – while deep, saturated colors, as well as earthy colors suit you best. But to look smart you should wear gold jewelry and beige, brown, dark blue or black accessories.

What colors should I wear?

Now you have a big selection of colors in fashion. In addition, preference for certain colors of clothing explains your inner state.


Yellow is chosen by creative, imaginative people. Such people are in love with life, they are bringing positive in this world. But they are also vulnerable.


Red obviously prefers energetic people, motivated, instigators. They have leadership qualities, often impulsive. At the same time, red – the color of passion, so that helps ignite vivid feelings, to make a lasting impression. A little flirting and you step away from the official novel.


Green – the color of life and love. Its’ fans are peaceful, have good intentions with respect to others, always willing to help. But at the same time they are carefully observant.


Purple prefer very subtle people, more prone to sensory perception of the world. At the same time they like to draw attention to their own person.


The black color is typical for disciplined people, very punctual and preferring to keep everything under control. At the same time, these people are distancing themselves from others; they do not allow penetrating into their personal space and.


Pink attracts romantic women, kind and somewhere infantile. And this color also emphasizes individuality.  Pink has a calming effect on inner peace creates a serene mood.


Blue – elements of smart and resourceful. Typically, these people are not afraid to take responsibility and are reliable partners. However, these people are quite cool, calm.


The orange color is preferred by people with creative thinking.  They are adamant in achieving their goals and intentions.


Brown color in the clothing is used by people who are constantly stressed and worried about the danger. They often experience discomfort in communicating with others. Most of the energy is channeled to the benefit of their family.


White color is considered the color of personification of innocence, reconciliation and harmony. Therefore, the white clothes are preferred by people seeking to restore justice.


Gray is observed in the clothing of secretive people, staying in their own little world, retreating from society. Outwardly, these men seem to be calm, but always concerned with their internal problems.

These characteristics can be perceived as finishing touches to the nature of man. Since nothing in nature has any clear boundaries, do not take into account only the extremes, but you should take into account the general trend.

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